Easter Bunny

christine_1958March 18, 2008

Here's pictures of my Easter Bunny

img src="http://s257.photobucket.com/albums/hh228/chstone4/?action=view&current=photo1.jpg"

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Here's pictures of my Easter Bunny

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Very cute,from what i can see.Could you possibly enlarge it??

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Hi Christine, welcome to the Painting forum. Your bunny lady looks big and very cute. Like Kathi, I'd love to see a bigger picture, or maybe some close ups if possible. Come back and tell us about yourself--things like how long you have been painting, and what kinds of things you like to paint, who your favorite artists are, etc. etc. Luvs

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Welcome Christine!! I love that bunny! They have that pattern at Winfield and I've been wanting to order it. Is that where you got yours? Looks taller than what I was picturing it. Great job and fun Easter decoration! It looks like you did a wonderful job on the painting. I love it. Please keep coming back. We like having new friends here....especially ones with pictures! ha ~Anj

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Hi ladies,
Thank you for the compliments - I will post a bigger picture when I am able to. I am from England, and I started painting when I moved to the states with my family. I moved to California and then to Washington state where I started painting. I got the pattern from a place in Washington where I took classes. The rabbit is 2 1/2 ft. tall. I found this website in search of a gardening website, but it's not easy to have an English garden in Houston! I would enjoy seeing what everyone else has been painting, as it has been 10 years since I last painted and am looking forward to starting back up again.
Thanks !

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We are happy to have you join us Christine. We have three sections on this forum--Discussions for all things painting related, Gallery for posting pics that we want to stay on here awhile, and Conversations where we can go to chat with each other about all kinds of things.

I think I recognize your rabbit. I'm not sure about the designer's first name, but her last name is Gould. Maybe the first name is Helen--I just can't remember.

I painted a few of her designs many years ago, I think I even have a book somewhere in my stash.

Hope you will have pics of other items to share with us, and I'm sure you will enjoy checking out all the posts and pics here on the forum too.


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And Christine...if you go to the different sections like the Gallery...don't forget to go all the way to the bottom cause there are pages and pages of pics.
I imagine an English gardens delicate flowers would get scorched and fried in the Houston sun! ha I'm from MS originally.
Get to paintin! :) ~Anj

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