Eggs & Basket

pezabelleMarch 27, 2011

Got the camera to work and finished these today, well...I still have all of the unpainted eggs in the basket to finish.


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Oh, Belle, they are just lovely and so is the tin basket you have them in. You did a wonderful job painting all those little details. I love them. Luvs

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Belle, these are adorable! You've done a fantastic job painting on these eggs. The roses on the tin basket looks wonderful. Your details are so well done as always.

Here's a basket of eggs I used on my Easter tablescape last year if your looking for more ideas. These are decals but could be painted on.


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Thank You both for the nice words!

Luvs....It fill my heart with gladness each time I see a new post from you!

Punk....Your eggs and basket are beautiful! Are the eggs porcelain? Wish I could and I would underline the word "could" paint flowers like those....I am trying!

My vines are just OK but I do have gaps where I should have moved my roses closer together. And why do my practice roses look better than these on the basket? But it was a new experience in painting and I like how it looks on my old sewing machine cabinet.


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Belle, I'm just doing a little reading and catchin up this morning. (Yes, I need to be working on the yard and painting my patio posts--but just haven't had much time to be on here for so long!)

You are much too hard on yourself. I love your basket and the way the flowers look so soft and "cottage" feeling. Just perfect for Spring. And the eggs! What a lot of small details on each one of them. Love the hearts and the "grid"--and your painted lines are great. I have such a hard time making "fine" lines--just never seem to have consistent pressure so some look right and others are too thick. You are so brave to do all these tiny strokes and it's turning out so pretty--keep at it gal. ;o)

Punk, I don't remember seeing your gorgeous eggs. If you hadn't told us, I'd have thought you painted them. They are lovely.


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Love your eggs! You paint such fine details, they are just lovely.

I have trouble with fine lines too, Luvs, maybe that is why I stuck with large canvases for so long.:) Trying harder for small canvases now. Don't think I will ever match Belle!

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You all are just to kind! And remember I am in charge of the camera and the I didn't put the best side out! Of course I did! But, I finally got it into my head that anyone looking at anything we paint isn't looking for the lines that are to close together or a little jiggly, they are looking at the overall results. And that's a good thing for me. While tracing, I now find that I can't follow the line as well as I did a year ago....tooooo bad! I'm doing it anyway!

Calirose.....I love detailing! It's a problem for me because I over do the details, as I over shade. I also like doing small things, flowers, etc., because I like details. All of those little stitches we use to add around doing it! I once made a birdhouse that looked like a school house, loved putting the ruler lines around the roof and bottom.

Back to painting more eggs! My DD wants a set so I am doing an exchange, my eggs for her Turkey is so good!


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Belle! Your eggs are fantastic! Great job. You picked just the right things to paint on them. I was looking thru spring pictures online the other day and ran across some eggs displayed on candlesticks. Thought it was a really great way to show off each egg. I'll see if I can find a picture....

Ok these aren't the ones I saw, but you get the idea. The ones I saw were not painted quite so colorfully and they had a little nest or something between the candlestick and the egg, but like I get the idea. Thought it would be another cute way to display them if you had different sized candlesticks. Again! Great job...your efforts really paid off! ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh! Anj! I get the idea! Simply Super! I can do the candle sticks the same basic color of the eggs and add touches of other color on each egg, even a small rose .......great idea!

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