Putting a shelf in a small upper kit cab - how?

desertstephJuly 6, 2012

using what?

it's for the small cab to the left of the stove. it's 13" w x 14 deep x 14" H.

i don't need the height in it, so would like a small shelf about half way up it and only maybe 5" deep.

there's a cab like it to the right of my sink I'd like to put one in also. maybe for mugs in that one.

they aren't very wide so I can't fit my drill in there to put holes in the sides for those little shelf holder thingies.

The shelf doesn't need to be a thick board either - they won't be holding much. I could probably use a piece of a laminate floor plank for the shelf. I just have to figure out how to 'suspend' it in there.

I can't come up with a good idea. Can any of you? the only thing I can think of is using those L brackets. I have some small ones that would probably work on the back wall and just put a 'plank' across them. Those won't look real nice tho - not that my inner cabs will be in a mag layout or anything... if I spray paint the brackets off white they might blend in more with the inner cab area. They're a dark grey now.

the cabs aren't really wide enough to put one of those white coated wire shelf divider things. I've used those in the wider cabs.

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Can you use a hand screw driver to put some cleats on the sides? Are your cabinets framed? That would hide the cleats.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

From this pic from another thread, it looks as if you have room in the cabinets on either side to drill holes through the sides of the cabinet in question:

I would use a solid piece of 1x12 as the shelf, and attach by screwing through pre-drilled holes, from adjacent cabinets. You could stack books or boxes to stabilize the shelf while you put in the screws--just make sure your holes are level. :)

You could then use a scrap piece of trim as a cleat (as marti suggests) screwed to the back, just under the shelf to support it there, if you feel the extra support is necessary. Again pre-drill the holes. Do you have a screw-pilot to countersink the holes?

I used scrap-wood cleats, just on the sides, to support the cookbook shelves at the end of my glass uppers:

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Here's another pic. It's not the most elegant solution, but it is sturdy:

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Steph I was able to get a narrow wire coated shelf some where for my narrow cabinets. Do not remember now where. Walmart I think. I used lots of those wire shelves in our kitchen cabinets.

I even found narrow ones that will hook into each other to stack them higher. Then I wired two together for bottom shelf and one on top and gave my cabinet three shelves. I use it for juice glasses.

There is no way I could nail some thing onto my cabinet side. The non wood it too flimsy for nails or screws.

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that's what I've used in the pantry, closets etc.

I could get a short handle screwdriver but my drill is too big to get in there and turn sideways.

are there trim strips that would be smaller but with flat sides? everything I've seen that I think is small enough is curved - like qtr round stuff.

oh but duh, I'd still have to screw them in! I keep coming back to that -lol!

I think I'll just have to use those brackets - right? they'll probably work out fine tho. I doubt there's any studs back there - or that I could find them thru the cabinet back. This is getting to be more than it's worth I think.

maybe I just need something like the shelf with a 'leg' on either side to just set in there?

mama g - that pic hides the little cabinet - here's a pic where you can see it.

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Steph I measured our cabinet and it is just at 13 inches. There is room on either side of the wire shelf to add two thin tin trays.

There are two shelves wired together for the bottom and another one that hooks into the bottom shelf. Giving me three layers in the cabinet. I think our cabinets are exactly the same size.

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oh shades - that's awesome! i'll be hitting W (and T if necessary) to look for those. I have a skinny one that has an 'attachment' one to it. maybe I could split that up... I'll check it out.

That sure would be the easiest way to get a shelf in there w/o a lot of manipulation - and holes in the cabinets!

I have a good number of those wire racks - but they're bigger. I'm using them in the pantry and in my larger cabinets. They really help split the spaces up.

yes! I couldn't wait. I got up and went out to find that skinny little sucker. Took the canned goods off of it and tried it in that cab - it fits! my rack is about 10" wide 'cause I have 3" left over on the side. That will work fine.

I'll get another 2 pc set like that, use the 4 legged one on the upper shelf and wire the 2 2 legged racks together to make another 4 legged one. I can use that on the top shelf of my much wider cabinet (it's a double). I already have a wider one on the bottom shelf in that cab.

My other cab next to the sink is not near as wide. It didn't fit in there at all. That cab must be only about 8" wide. I'm not gonna worry about that cabinet space then. I'll put tall things I seldom use (whatever that might be) on the upper shelf there and I'll see if my 2 lock'n lock pitchers will fit on the bottom shelf. they are skinny ones.

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