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abigstepMarch 14, 2009

Hello all. I'm so glad I found this forum because I thought I was going through this alone...but no! I've read most of the posts and have found people that know what I'm thinking and feeling. Very cool. I'm very new to the blended family. I've been in this relationship for 7 months. My guy has 2 kids and I have none of my own so it was instant family from day 1. Very scary. And still is. Some days are wonderful and I think "No problem" then the next day there's some drama either with his kids, his ex or his parent. Then I feel I'm back at square one. I have no idea how to deal with kids but I'm I do enjoy them, most of the time, but it's so stressful!! And his ex, don't even get me started.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure there will be more of that :)

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Welcome - you are in good company. I hope you will find comfort and advice here.

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Hi there, how old are your skids? I have 2 aged 11 and 12 and they are 2 lovely girls. I've got no kids of my own either. You are so not alone, and it is good to be here!!

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Welcome! I am a biomom to one and a full-time stepmom to 3. We are not even close to being the brady bunch..but we do well!

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My skids are 2 and 8 year old boys. We just had a great night together last night and when that happens, I'm on cloud nine. But then I wait for the fall-out from the X-wife. There's ALWAYS something. I call her MOTY, because mom-of-the-year she isn't! But that's under my breath of course :)

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Welcome! I'm biomom to one and Sm..only by title to 2 skids. girl 13, boy 10. Both good kids...with their own issues of course.:)
I say sm by title because apparently they've been taught i'm nothing to them and we are not their 'real' family. Doesn't bother me like it did a few years ago...less responsibility the way i see it. So yes, i treat them as 'guests' in my household and only that. Its sad. But reality and how bm has trained them. Dont back is a bleep...and her daughter is dishing it to her as i write.

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Hi and welcome! I am a BM to a 6 (7 next month) year old DD and my SS is turning 7 next week.

It is an up and down road being a step-parent.

Glad you found this forum!

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