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jyyanksJuly 24, 2006

We're remodeling our small cape and I'm finally getting the walk in closet I've been dreaming about. The closet will be approx 13 in length and 7 in width. However, the "short" sides may not be as usable as there will be a window on one side and the entry door on the other. Can anyone suggest a good but reasonable closet organizer? Thanks in advance.

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Do you want the "opaque" kind (California Closets, etc.) or the "open" kind (wire shelving from Closetmaid, Schulte, etc.)?

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After the renovation, I don't think I'll be able to afford California Closets LOL! I want something with a lot of storage capabilities, easy to install, nice-looking and relatively inexpensive. My closet will be weird in that the clloset organizers will most likely be on the 2 long walls and I'll probably just have a short dresser against the wall with the window. Can anyone recommend any brands that you've had luck with? Where did you purchase your closet organizer? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Check out IKEA, particularly the PAX system. I don't know if the stock dimensions would fit your space, but they do have some nice options at (what I consider) reasonable prices. There is an ongoing IKEA topic on the Kitchens forum, so all the IKEA "people" may be able to answer more of your questions.

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I did 3 closets with shelving from the hardware store. I can't remember the name of the place - they all closed and became Home Depots. It's the solid type, covered in white melamine. It's held up extremely well. I haven't looked at it closely, but Home Depot appears to have the same stuff. Before purchasing, get some graph paper and plan things out. My design changed several times!

Another tip: In one closet I had a bunch of 'cubbies' that were just wide enough (16" or thereabouts) to put a stack of folded sweaters, tshirts, pants, etc. In another closet I had 24" wide cubbies, and they didn't work so well -- in order to fit 2 stacks of stuff, I had to fold things more narrowly. It was annoying.

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I've only used wire shelving systems. Since I like things open and modern, however, that's worked for me. The only system I've used that I didn't like was Schulte. It went together well enough, but few retailers sold it (in fact, the largest in our area went out of business) so finding matching hardware became difficult and expensive after a while. I'm big on matching, so that was a pain. I'd also be leery of tying myself to HD's brand (or any other "house" brand unless you can identify it as another brand).

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We have Closetmaid, purchased from Home Depot, and while they're not exactly elegant, they're very efficient. (I figured if I had to have elegant I would have to cough up $10,000 for EasyClosets or California Closets. But it's a CLOSET, fergossake, Home Depot will do fine.) There are two types, one based on MDF and the other wire, and you can actually combine them. Check them out at where there is even a "closet designer" utility.

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My friend who is an organizer swears by Elfa systems. I honestly don't know a thing about them...
I worked for a family that had a wire system. I found it somewhat hard to use. The hangers they chose were hard to get in and out of the slats between the wire shelf (they did not have bars for sliding hangers along)...and things poked out of their baskets like bra straps, tiny panties, knee hi's and looked mess. The cats could also get into the baskets and I had to wash clean items that would get all furry (frustrating, the folks would NOT keep the closet closed!!).
You may also choose to look in a store which carries used store fixtures. Sometimes they have very inexpensive and creative things you could use in addition to what you purchase for the main areas.


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Wow! Thank you all for your responses. I'm off to google some of the brands mentioned and check out HD and Lowes. I also like things to match so I'll try to look for a popular brand.

Weed - Thanks for the tip. I definitely will draw up a plan for my closet so I can get the right items.

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I like the elfa systems from the container store and other places. The wire baskets can be a pain, but they do make liners for them now, and they also make baskets with tighter mesh that eliminated the straps of things sticking through, as the last poster mentioned. Not cheap, but not as expensive as California closets.

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Check out I ordered a couple of closet systems from them and was completly happy with the results.


Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Closets

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If your located in Southern California this is a company that provides practical organizing solutions for your home or business. We've had our closets, garage, and home office done by Organizers Plus. The service this company provides is spectacular! Products are also backed with lifetime warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organizers Plus

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