Movin' On Up

patti43July 26, 2007

DH and I retired to our 940 sqft. cabin 14 years ago. Last year we sold it and moved into a 1104 sqft. apartment. Now, we just bought a 1252 sqft. villa with another 800 sqft. in a covered front porch, covered small patio for grilling, a good-sized screened porch and a 1.5 car garage. While that sure isn't huge, it's bigger than we're used to.

We're tryng to find our "balance" I guess. This had better be it though, because I'm tired of packing moving boxes. Anything bigger would be a McMansion to us.

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When I read the subject of your post, I thought you were "movin' on up" to a McMansion of 3000 sq. ft. or so! From 940 sqft. to 1252+ sqft. is "movin' up" in size! I'd give up square footage if I could have a screened porch and a usable garage.


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Thanks teresa. It's still not too much to clean, but will give each of us some space of our own. I love a screened porch, too.

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Most people are down sizing when they retire. THe house hubby and I are building is just a little bigger then we have now, about 400sq ft. I totally understand your thinking. LOL
We just want a little breathing room.
btw a screened in porch sounds like heaven.

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You are going to love your porch, I know!! Congratulations.

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Thank you all for your comments. We've been busy with packing and all the stuff you have to do when you move--turn on/turn off, change of address, insurance. That part's over now, so now it's on to cleaning out and packing. Not a lot since our moving company doesn't require you to take everything out of dressers. Whew!

I think everyone needs a screened porch. The one we built on to our 940 sq.ft. house was 14x24. It really became another room for us. +

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