Mixing paint to get rust color

sosoMarch 13, 2009


I make crafts for large shows and am not a painter

but I do use paint to coat different projects.

Right now I am working on large Prim glass jars.

It is too pricey to buy 2 0z. bottles of americana paint for a specific color

It works fine for me to buy large

bottles of paint in primary colors and mix my own.

Rather than making a big mess experimenting myself when

I'm not an experienced painter,,,,I thought maybe you

could guide me in the right direction.

I'm looking for the color of cinnamon.....

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Never mind, My best friend Google gave me the answer

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Glad you got the answer you needed Soso. Isn't Google wonderful? LOL

Hope you will come back and visit us often.


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how get the color rust. i am painting a modle ship i want it to look old. help

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