Enlarging a drawing/pattern

kayjonesMarch 8, 2008

Hi, everyone! I just started taking watercolor painting lessons, and so enthusiastic - but...I am wanting to use free patterns from different web sites. Can someone help me figure out how to make the patterns larger, to fit a sheet of 8"x10" or 11"x14" paper?

I did a google.com search and came up with Microsoft Paint, which I tried, but once I get it enlarged, I can't get it to print out.

I also downloaded the trial version of Glass Eye software, but I couldn't figure that one out, either! I am really dense, I guess.

Can anyone email me and offer me a solution? Thank you SO MUCH!

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Hi and welcome...
I've not used any of the programs you have mentioned. I just save my patterns to my computer and use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to open them up. Then I use that program to print, brings up all the different sizes I can choose from and prints them to fit.

Hopefully someone else will have a good program or good instructions to help you out with your question. Good luck and we'd love to see your finished projects! ~Anj

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Thank you for responding. I wanted to ask you for step-by-step instructions, but I see you don't have an email listed here on GW. I finally got my Microsoft Office activated, but I can't figure out how to use it. If you could email me via 'My Page' and give me instructions, I would really appreciate it - THANK YOU!

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My printer does enlargements and reductions for me but I've also done them simply in WORD.
To enlarge a line pattern...On the page where you find the pattern hold down the left button of your mouse and drag it over the pattern to highlight. Then right click over the highlighted design and click 'COPY'. Go into WORD and right click to 'PASTE' it into WORD. Once it's there left click on the design and a frame will appear around the design. Left click on the box in one of the corners of the frame and holding the button down you can drag the pic out to enlarge it to fit the page.
By dragging the corners you keep the proper proportions of the design intact.

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