Puerto Vallarta Trip 2011

texaswildFebruary 14, 2011

Back from another wonderful week at the Hacienda Mosaico, spending four busy days mosaicing onto two of Riana's sculptures she made in years past to leave w/Sam the owner. KLINGER and her husband were spending a week in PV also, and she came by on Monday. We were scheduled to go for lunch, 'ritas and shopping, but I felt so pressured to finish the Lady with a Hat, that I asked her to stay and help. She agreed, and cut tiles and glued the off-white section to the lady. We soooooo enjoyed the morning, then wandered down to Earnesto's for lunch/ritas, then she went on to her shopping. Thank you, Cindy for that, AND the wonderful fused glass pieces you brought me. If at all possible y'all need to spend a week at the Hacienda - it's an unforgetable experience. This one was my favorite of all my five visits. After I finish my present planter, I w/attempt making the Panther. The picture shows it ungrouted. Hopefully Riana found time to grout on Friday.

2011 Riana's sculptures

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LOVE those flowers!!!! And the hearts on the back of the lady!! Lovely!!! Ohhh I wish I'd been able to go!!!

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Me too!

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Those are cool!! I have a rose like the one on the hat!!

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Thanks, y'all. JANE: CINDY said she's gonna work on you for next year. Heck, people my age don't buy green bananas, but I can dream of one more trip. I'll live in hope that you two can join me for one last trip. SILVA: it w/be soooooo wonderful if you could go too. What a week we'd have. Riana did NOT approve of my putting the tiles around her black dots at first, but Sam came out and highly approved, and away we both went. The lips under the panther's tail, she REALLY didn't approve, but the class chimed in and changed her mind. The class said the lips said "Kiss my a _ _", giving the panther attitude. I said "my bootie" to keep her a lady. Riana talked me out of mosaicing the whole structure on the lady. She likes lots of negative space. The nuts/bolts/screws/pebbles on her hair was to honor Riana's style. The class said it was a self portrait. OK fine - so I had to put screws cuz some have intimated that I may have a loose screw here/there. LOL. NANA: I hand-carried that porcelain flower for the project. I put it on after grouting. I bought three of them recently at a flea mkt. They're getting very hard to find, and more expensive. One went on my recent birdbath, and I have one left.

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Those are lips? I was thinking heart!ha! So, the Master still doesn't give her student free reign yet! heh heh! That is a SUPER bench, for sure, and I may have to get busy and get one done!!! PV is Sooo Inspiring!!!

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Hi Slow, it was so nice to see you there again.I love what you did with your projects there, it was fun to hang out with you. I've got the worst ever cold and have been just feeling awful so hadn't made it to the forums to see any of your posts. Hopefully we'll meet there next year again.

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Hey, girlie: Glad to see you here today. You have no idea how enjoyable your visit was, and how much you helped me made the deadlines on the two projects. I have already started thinking, if you can believe, about next years's trip. It depends on whether Riana has a class, and if you and Jane can make it. That w/definitely play into my decision to plan on going. Take some advice from an old lady, and take lots of Vitamin C - you won't be having those bad colds. I take 2,000 mg/day.

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Got pictures from Sam at the Hacienda yesterday. Check out the Panther w/Attitude grouted.
Panther Grouted

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And she just sent a picture of the Lady in place in her beautiful living room.
Lady in Place

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