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flagtruckFebruary 28, 2009

I need some 1/4' or 3/8" mirror for a project. Can I cut this mirror into strips like you would cut glass? Do I score on the front or the back? I have not tried to cut something this thick with my glass cutters...I am sure some of you will know?

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Well, hey, girlie: Yes ma'am. I cut it all the time. The 1/8" is the easiest to work with, but I have lots of 1/4" on hand, and use it when I'm out of the thinner. When I buy - at Lamar or Wright's, I buy the 1/8". Either one is easy to score in strips. If you're breaking a large piece, score it then line the score line along the edge of a table, lift it and lightly break it w/your hand. Then score as you would any glass. However, the 1/4" isn't as easy for strips thinner than 1".

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I will try as you suggest, I need about 1/4' strips, I may have to bring it to you for instruction. Thank you for the help, I will try it today.

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Come on up - forgot to tell you to cut on the mirror side.

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