Chick Basket

pezabelleMarch 29, 2010

Finally getting done with these, so here it is. It has been fun but I don't like doing a lot of repeats, so I am glad I am done!

I did have some problems with what looks like small, darkish cracks on a couple of the faces, and only on the faces. The wood was new and after being in the heated shop, it was fairly dry. I sealed all of the wood with the same sealer and base coat, etc. I can actually gently push the "crack" down with my fingernail and it disappears for a few minutes and then it's back. I went ahead and sealed mine and still the line appear and disappear. Re-did the rest. Boring!

I will add wood curly stuff and maybe put in some candy for my DGS and his GF


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They are adorable! You did a wonderful job now relax and have a great Easter. Vique

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That is so cute, Belle. Lots of other pretty things in that picture too. Sorry you had some problems, but they sure turned out darling in my book! ;o) Luvs

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Belle, what darling chick baskets. Never seen anything like it but just so cute. It looks great sitting there with all your decorations around it.

How many of these did you make? Sorry to hear about cracks. I've been there and it's not a fun place to be!!! Did you use glue or compound on it? I suppose you already had it painted before you noticed huh?

Now, what's next on your painting agenda? I haven't had a minute to think about another project but if the rain continues, I might be painting instead of hunting Easter eggs this weekend with DGD.

Thanks so much for another great project and hope you have a Happy Easter.


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How sweet! I like the face, and the details on the side, the little beating heart and the shading... well gosh the whole thing. I am sure that DGS will love it!

From the looks of everything else there, seems like you are all ready for Easter. Hope you have a good one.


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Oh my goodness that is cute! Wish I had some of those for my kids! They would love them! Heck I love it! Is this your own design or did you find it in a book? It really turned out great and look at all your cute Easter things. I still haven't gotten mine out yet.

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That is really cute! Did you cut the basket yourself?

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Thank You All for the kind words!!!! You do boost ones spirits!

Luvs...I love to decorate! Most of my things are all TS/yard sale finds. And many I have repainted to my style or something close. For me, the hardest things to paint are the eggs......just no imagination! And I seem to like vivid colors and Easter should be pastels. Ah! Well! TY

Anj....Other than the cracking problem this was an easy project. Somewhere I found a copied pattern by Loretta Mateik from Woodworking for Women Mag., which isn't in publication any more. The printout was on bright yellow paper and I contacted the designer and she sent a long a good picture of the chick. It's a very basic instructions so you make your own palette. The handles were the hardest part-not easy to find around here. DH ended up making several. TY

Vique...Nice to have you here, please come back often! TY

Punk...I ended up making 12 baskets. I just used sealer on the wood & then my Deco paints. As only some of the wood/paint cracked I think is must have been a wood issue that wasn't covered by the sealer. They were just hairline cracks, very small. If this happens again I might just go back to Shellac as a sealer. TY

We are also getting lots of rain and I have lots of flowers to plant. And I need to plant a lotus and DH just raises his brows when I mention a raincoat and his hip waders.

Krafty...DH cuts all or most of my wood. I once mentioned that I would like some trays, some with handles, some with straight sides and some with slanting sides and in various sizes. MISTAKE! He made a parade of all 11 trays and they were all so beautiful I couldn't do anything but smile. Still have 5 to paint. PS...I don't make that mistake anymore!

My next project is going to be Ta Dah....insert drum roll here.....a rooster on a tray.

Hope the sun is shining where you are!


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Belle, you are just so cute! Love hearing your stories, and that DH of your's sounds like quite a nice guy! ;o)

My goodness, you did paint a bunch of those boxes! No wonder you said you got bored painting multiples! LOL All of your decorations look so cheerful. Did you paint the box behind that looks like it says Spring? It looks really neat too!

There have been roosters in some of the painting magazines the last couple of months. I keep looking at them and how neat they are--I've never painted a rooster so not sure I could do one. I'm anxious to see your's, they are so popular and doing it on a tray would be perfect to prop up on a kitchen counter.

Glad you are feeling somewhat better and able to be painting again. ;o)


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Luvs....the little SPRING piece was purchased after Easter last year. I planned to make a copy but after I got it home I really looked at it and said AH! Well! It looks there it sits.

The rooster I am going to use is from Painting mag., and is on a calendar. I am thinking about changing the background by adding very light chicken wire instead of the dots. Still not sure as the background in the pattern blends in so well. I'm still thinking..........

My Dr., has me on a new assortment of meds and something seems to be working. I do have more energy and less pain and all of the infections are going away.

Hope you are out in the sunshine, we have on again off again everything.


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Twelve baskets is waaaaaaaaay to many to make. You are amazing. So glad your new meds seem to be helping. Hope this doesn't mean you will be spending more time outside and not painting!!!


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Not until the weather clears! My flower starts are growing out of their pots and I still can't put them out.

My Drs., now think they have a name for my type of Arthritis and I will soon being doing weekly shots plus a new daily pill......I feel like a walking pharmacy.


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Well, this is just too darn cute!! I also thought I had posted here before but I think I forget to hit "Submit" after I preview message. Does this happen to anyone else??

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I loose post....somewhere between not at all and sometimes.


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Me too! I think I hit return to forum instead of submit sometimes. Luvs

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