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painting_mom_07March 2, 2008

hi everyone, I just finished a project that I would like to show you all but I don't know how to add pics to my message :( Could someone help me please. Thank you!


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Diane, check Anjabee's instructions about uploading your pics to Photobucket and then posting them in your message. This is how I learned.

The instructions are listed under "Posting Pics", about midway down the On Topic Discussion Page.


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Thanks Brenda, I followed you directions and I now have pics to show of my projects. The first is a welcome mat on linoleum and the second is a small table top I painted today.

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The bird is so cute and I love the floormat. I have only painted on linoleum once but it was sure fun. I finally finished my apples today. I fussed with that piece for several days because I didn't think the shine on the apples was right. I am still not happy with it but at least it is finished.

You do great work, hope to see more soon.

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Im new to the board...I love the pictures...can someone give me a step by do i find the "On Topic Discussion Page".....thanks in advance

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Brenda, the "on topic discussion page" is our main forum page--we also have "gallery" and "conversations". You can find those almost at the top of the main page in the middle.

Diane, your little bird is really cute, looks very sweet with the pretty pink flowers. Love the mat too, nice painting on it. I've never painted on linoleum before, although I've seen some very pretty painted ones in books. Do you just buy it at places like Lowe's and Home Depot? Can you buy small sections of it?

Sure nice to have you sharing pics with us, hope Brenda figures it out too. Brenda if we can help more,please let us know.


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Thank you for your kind remarks about my work. :) Luvs, I bought a 9x12 roll of linoleum at a local hardware store and cut it up into smaller pieces. It is very easy to cut with a box cutter or scissors, it is easier to store the pieces this way. I really enjoy painting on this and it is not expensive so I give a lot away as gifts. I will post more of what I have painted on linoleum as soon as I take pics.
BrendaS, I can't wait to see your painting, and thanks again for the direction :)

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Nice job on both projects but I must admit I really like the bird! :-)

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Diane - beautiful work. I like the welcome mat. :)

Welcome Brenda

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Beautiful projects! I sooo love your welcome mat,with all that detailed painting, its just beautiful! and what a great painter you are! the little bird looks so real and the flowers are beautiful!

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I'm practicing guys so please bare with me.......thanks.....sorry it"s bulbs again but it's the most recent thing I've painted and the only thing in my IPhoto....Tried to get them side by side. but it didn't work......still working on it......

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These are so cute - it's that Brenda thing again. I have painted so many lightbulbs and can't seem to stop. I will try to post my latest when I come back from lunch with the grand daughter. It is hard to take pics with my digital because of the varnish. Then when I try to scan them it gets shadowy even when I cover them. Oh, well, will continue to try.

I see you used mittens also for the hats - doesn't it make the cutest hats? Love the work - but more pics please.

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OK Ladies....
I just got back and so happy to see all the activity going on around here!

Hi Brenda.... Cute cute cute light bulbs! I love that you used the little gloves for the hat! I'm always looking for bulb projects since I have a bunch saved. Hope you don't mind if I copy that glove idea!

Paintingmom~ welcome! Love your projects!! That Welcome is so springy. Now question. Since you are painting on linoleum, it's the back side right? And also are you using it as a mat or are you using it to hang on the wall as a sign? Cause if I painted up something that cute I wouldn't want anybody walking all over it. ha How many coats of sealer did you use??
I love your birdie. Great table.

So glad you have you guys and glad you figured out the pictures!! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, thanks for your comments. You are correct I paint on the backside of the linoleum, I am using this one as a mat close to my cupboards so it doesn't get too much traffic, the scratches you see are from my dog :) I put about 3 or 4 layers of sealer on it. I painted one for my niece and she hung it on her wall, she didn't want people walking on it either LOL

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Diane and Brenda the projects are so darn cute! The bird looks real. The winking sownman made this girl smile. This is so fun to see everyones pics. I'll go see if I can get some more loaded. I wish I had time to go back through all of the old posts.

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