how to tile frame mirror

debrak_2008February 7, 2010

Hi. I'm new to this forum, usually in the kitchen or bathroom forum.

In our bathroom remodel I think we will have left over glass mosiac tile. We are thinking of making a tile frame mirror. I'm a little overwhelmed after viewing some of the finished mirrors on this forum. The tiles are 3/4" square on a mesh back.

Could anyone offer some basic advise or direct me to a good website?

Should I buy a mirror and make a frame? out of wood or tile backer board (I forgot what it's called)?

I first thought of just keeping the tile in straight lines but after viewing some pics I wonder....

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We're all about creating, and I think I'm about creating wild things. Depends on what you want. Why not get some craft paper (I use the contractor's paper from Lowes - about 8 dollar/roll for tons of it) and cut out some interesting designs, put it on your wall and decide from there. You could also buy a thrift store mirror and mosaic it. Mix what you have left w/plate shards, old jewelry, whatever you can find - trash to treasure items, and just go crazy w/it. A picture of your bathroom remo w/help us help you.

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the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. You can buy or make a frame to cover or you can glue right on to the surface of the mirror or just surround it right on the wall. And yes wood in a wet enviro is the least desirable but can be done if you seal it on all sides.

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you could buy a premade mirror and mosaic the frame. You could buy a board of your desired size and glue a piece of mirror in the middle and mosaic the surroundings. You could make your own frame. Probably the easiest option is the first. Look around for sales at Michaels/Target/Kmart,ect. and see what you can find.

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Once the vanity is installed I will posted some pictures. My husband found a mirror in our garage that we had forgotten about. I will need to see if it fits the space. Thank you all for the suggestions.

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Cool when you find something that you already had, I hope it works.

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This was very interesting...the very subject I was looking for. I also am just finishing my bath and have some nice mosaic tile left. I was thinking of just measuring the area of the wall that will fit the mirror (between the two light sconces) and then using two lines (or two inches) of tile frame around a mirror (I have many around the house that I can have cut to size). But now that I see the other options on here I was you (anyone) think a round mirror will look okay using the same concept? I wanted a round mirror but I though it might throw things I think it might actually add a lil something extra...

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I'm sure I have seen round mirrors with mosaic frames and I like the look. Search this forum and the bathroom forum for pics. Actually we never did tile our mirror. Found an oval mirror and hung it horizontal. Really liked the look so just left it.

We did however use mosiac tile around a window. I need to post photos. Some people thought we were crazy.

Advice, make sure you have enough tile. We thought we would have a ton left over and ended up with just a handful. Worked out fine but just a little to close for comfort.

Good luck with your project.

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IMO - there are absolutely no rules - whatever one is inspired to do, I suggest DO IT - Everything I've done has been experimental. Seldom am I unhappy w/the results. The wilder the better in my book. Also search Flickr and Google images for mosaiced mirrors. You'll find a plethora of ideas and inspiration. Whatever you want to do, jump in and git-er-done.

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