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liesbethMarch 19, 2009

Hi there,

You were asking about Borderline Personality Disorder. The website to visit is

BPD is very different from bipolar, it is based on the fear of abandonment and it does not have the Manic side, but often it does go hand in hand with depression and/or substance abuse.

Of course you have to be very careful to start 'diagnosing' people so I'd like to say that we don't know if BM has BPD. I talk about it here, because it's anonymous and lets face it; FDH has dealt with BM's rage for over 12 years now + BM has 13 of the 15 traits of BPD so really..we are pretty confident she's got this disorder.

The above website is very helpful and provides lots of info. Somebody from this forum put me on to it as well :-)

It's not recommended that you start diagnosing yourself, so therefore we would never bring it up with friends or family, and of course NEVER with the skids, but if you recognise the behaviour Sminnj then it is still a very helpful resource in learning how to deal with that behaviour (she spoke wisely...)

A good book on cr*ppy divorces is Divorce Poison by Richard Warshak, also very helpful.

Check it out and hope this helps,


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I definitly will check it out. Thank you for the advice. I do not want the info as "ammunition" against BM but just want to find out a better way to deal with the situation. It seems NOTHING we do is ok or right. Depending on if she is having an "upswing" or "downswing".

Thanks again!

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