Type of flooring first time diy

blueiris24July 12, 2014

What type of flooring do I want to put in my small (about 4 x 5') main floor bathroom? We're redoing it ourselves and are relatively capable but have never done this ourselves. We don't update often, so I want something that will last and be low maintenance, and I'd rather not do linoleum. From a quick look at the local box store, it looked like the main types were porcelain, natural stone, or ceramic.

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I would do porcelain tile. You'll get a better selection at local tile shops and don't be afraid to go big...I have 12x24 tiles in my 5x5 powder room.

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For a first timer, I'd go with mosaic tiles no larger than 2.25 inches. They come on a mesh back in 12 by 12 sections so it's pretty easy to cut them around things, like the hole where you're toilet will set as you'll have to remove that to install any flooring, and you can cut them with a nippers instead of renting or buying a tile saw.

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