Donna Dewberry One Stroke

anitapaintsMarch 31, 2011

Does anyone here use the Donna Dewberry One Stroke painting method anymore?

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I try, I have several of her books. I have a great deal of difficulty with the rose. I think I have mastered the humming bird fairly well.

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Just keep practicing, you'll get it. :-)
Do remember that your rose doesn't have to be perfect or look exactly like hers. Painting is about having fun and making it your own.

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Hi Anita....nice to have you stop buy and hope you come again!

I recently did a lot of online searching for roses and found quite a few sites showing stroke work and lots of conversations about one stroke as well as teaching.

I do believe that Donna Dewberry is as they say, fanning out and I'm not sure into what.

I have been working on my "stroke" in hopes of increasing my quality of painting and found out I sure need practice....and I hate to practice anything!

Hope you find what you are looking for, but be sure to check back ofter.


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I actually started painting with Donna's first 2 books. I don't think it was even called One Stroke with her first book. I guess that was in the late 80's or early 90's. I did alot of craft shows then and found I could paint much faster using her style.

Belle, thanks for the warm welcome! I will say that I do have selfish reasons for asking my question. I have a website and I carry a lot of Donna's books and brushes. The company that used to make her kits have basically stopped making them, so I can't get them to sell anymore. I'm trying to decide if I should order more of what I can get (mostly books and brushes) or just continue to sell what I have left and then stop her line. I was really just trying to decide if people still use her stuff. I guess I'm a little partial to her items because I used it for so long.

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Sorry I couldn't be more helpful....I'm so far out of what is or isn't "in" I don't know what to paint for an up come craft sale, so I am painting what I like and if things don't sell I'll just keep them myself.


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Welcome to the forum, Anitapaints. I used DD's books and videos and sort of taught myself. Did lots of metal trays and some garden signs with roses and other flowers on them. I really like how quickly I can do a project using a double loaded brush!

I love using the DD brushes too, and Folkart paint is my favorite. I learned the rose and leaves pretty well, loved doing the little butterflies and hummingbirds. I still want to learn to do the sunflower, iris, and some of her other flowers. Problem is that I already have lots of her books and videos--so probably won't be buying more since I've not mastered what I already have!

Michael's carries her products, but seldom gets new stuff in. And she has branched off into sewing and other lines as well. Does she still do the shopping network shows? I always love to watch her paint and like her "down to earth" manner--was always upset that her television show wasn't on in my area!

I love going to craft shows, but can't really say what the "hot items" are now. I do see some large wood cutouts and some small blocks with words and a little cutout on top. Very little one stroke style items, and never any landscapes. I have seen some painted glasses and bottles and some of the glass blocks.

I'm not much help to you am I? Sorry, I just don't know what your best choice would be.


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I was never a big fan of donna Dewberry, but had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas and take a class with her. thought I should do this to learn her much talked about method and to expand by abilities. Well, first I must say, I fell in love with the woman... so sweet and patient and down to earth. Class was fun and I would do it agin in a heartbeat. Learned that I need to learn (MUCH) more and was very glad to have went.

That said, I think that not only DD, but most decorative painters are going out of "favor". I am now on her mailing list and even she is deeply discounting her products. The current decorating styles are much plainer and the new generation does not want what Mom and Grandmom had. Just MHO.

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Belle - so glad you are painting what you love. I think I burned out by painting what would sell for sometimes 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. I did that for 3 years when I had young children and needed the money. Now I hardly ever pick up a brush.

Luvs and everyone else - thanks so much for the input - every little bit does help me to decide what to do. Ya'll are so nice and friendly here!

citytransplant - I have heard over and over what a wonderful and sweet lady Donna is! I saw her at a conference once, but I didn't get a chance to meet her. I'm sad to think that decorative painting is going out of favor. I do think that the newer generation is moving back to craftiness, just tweaked a little.

I have another question for everyone. Do you shop online for painting supplies? And if you do where do you find out about them? Google, a forum, an ad, or anywhere else?

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I need a little help, quick. I've been asked to paint some clouds on a ceiling of an average-size room. I've done this before, but this time the person asking me to do it wants to pay me for the time. I have absolutely no idea what would be a reasonable amount to ask. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Sandie....sorry no help here....but things to think she furnishing the paint or are you, how long will it take, it is more of a favor or just business?

My only suggestion would be to figure out what you would be willing to pay someone to do this for you, suggest this price to her but be willing to give a little. I would also remember and maybe mention it that painting over your head while on a ladder is risky business and puts you in a very uncomfortable position.

Hope it all goes well for you! Please come back and share with us!!!!


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Thanks, Belle. You've given me a couple things to think about that I hadn't even considered! Fortunately, the ceiling isn't real high -- will probably be on a step-stool, but still...
Appreciate the quick response.
And, to anitapants, I use the Donna Dewberry One Stroke stuff. I have several of her books and DVDs. That's how I'm learning to paint, and I love it. I watch Donna on the Create channel. It's a PBS channel, in case you may not have heard of it. Check out
Thanks, again

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