Door styles with non-mitered corners

ekbecker1May 17, 2013

I am looking at painted maple doors with recessed panels that have a little bit of detail at the edge of the recess. I have read here on GW and been advised by one KD that door styles with a mitered corner will show more splitting in a painted finish that those with vertical joints (I think they're called mortise and tenon?).

So now I've been trying to limit my door selection to those without mitered corners. However, it appears that the applied moulding that is added to the recessed edge is always mitered. One KD told me that having the mortise and tenon joint on the frame and the mitered joint on the applied moulding will cause the 2 types of joints to swell and contract at different rates and cause more splitting than if both parts were mitered.

What do you think?

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Have done lots of painted rail and stile with applied moldings for many years without incident. They may open at the miter of the molding a bit more seasonally but distance is very short so would be surprised, certainly have never had a complaint. I will not sell mitered door with paint.

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