Painting on fabric applied to wood

kitrinkMarch 11, 2011

Does anyone have directions for prepping wood and fabric and then applying the fabric to the wood piece so that then the patterned fabric can be highlighted with paint? I am making spindle santas and want to apply the fabric to a flat part of the spindle.

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I've used fabric as a background and then painted on top of that what you are trying to do?

If so, all I've done is decoupaged the fabric on and then paint on top of it.

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Thank you kraftymom for your quick response. I have never decoupaged. Would you apply Mod Podge to the wood spindle or fabric or both .....then wrap the fabric around with a small amount of overlap in the back?

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First make sure the wood surface is smooth; sand if necessary and wipe clean with a clean cloth.

When using fabric I always apply the glue to the wood surface then apply my fabric. Doing it that way allows me to manipulate the fabric to fit correctly and lay flat. I then roll over the surface with a brayer to remove any air bubbles. Once that's done I decoupage over it.

If you are going to paint on the decoupaged fabric I recommend using a matte finish.

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Thank you so much for your help, kraftymom

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If you can, share a pic when your done. Your project sounds cute!

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I did this technique years ago...what I did was applied "wonder under" to the back of fabric and then ironed the fabric to the wood. I would use a razor blade to trim the fabric to fit the wood. I have some pieces that have been finished for years without any peeling problems.

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Ok, this may be a bit late but I remember now how we did it. first put about 3 coats of acrylic sealer on the fabric you are going to use. After it is dry, cut out your pattern and glue to the wood piece. I have done several Nancy Lenski pieces this way.

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