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pezabelleMarch 27, 2011

In a very weak moments I said yes to dong a fall

The show is the weekend of Labor question is two fold, first....should I keep just to a fall theme, Halloween, T'day and Autumn or include Christmas?

Second, please take a look at the enclosed site and give me your opinion of the decorations. Do you think they are cute, fun, will sell well?

If I do them I probably will change the look of each, just a tad more to my taste or do both, as is and to my taste. Any ideas?

The show is at a membership park that is not only the largest in the state, but the most popular, so lots of foot traffic, and everything from newlyweds to old times like me. I did this show several years ago and my life size santa's were very hot....but the darn things are so time consuming to make and of today's economy, I think a little spendy.



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I don't think you'd have any problem selling those ornaments, people always like ornaments.

I can only speak for myself because I am not an assembly line painter and have never done several of one thing for a show (including ornaments). When I have done shows over the years I usually paint what I like which usually ends up being many one-of-a kind items and I try to paint useful/functional items so people aren't spending their money on something that will just sit on a shelf. I have found that in tough economic times people can be very selective about what they buy because they don't want to be frivolous with their money. I have found that even on my website it is the functional items that sell first.

I am someone who paints a lot of nature themes...landscapes, wildlife, and some floral and I find that those themes sell on many items because they can be used year round.

Labor Day opens you up for selling many or otherwise.

Good luck with the show! :-)

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Belle, I think it's hard to know for sure what will sell but the more variety the better chance of selling. However if you only paint one of each you may never know what's hot.

When I use to do craft shows I had a good variety and what sold at one would usually sell at all. I usually had at least 3 of each item on hand. Someone would buy something and the next thing I knew someone else would want one just like it.

I would paint all year long and do 3-5 a year. I still have the panels we made with lattice on them for hanging items to display. We used 4 4X8 sheets and hinged two together. DH had scews drilled in to hang items. Sat up a table or two depending on space out front with sitting items and smaller things.

Most of mine were $20-$35 per item but I always had lower priced for those who wouldn't spend over $10 and some at $5. As my items got high in demand I would up the price. I think with the economy the lower priced items could be the ticket.

I never painted ornaments because they can take as long to paint as a larger item and it's hard to ask more than a few $ each. I always came home with $500-$1000 per show and felt it was well worth my time.

I had business cards printed and handed them out so customers would call and order. When I finished I would call and they would come and pick them up at the store where I displayed my crafts year around.

Wish I had some help but I'm really out of touch with this. I don't have the desire to paint that much any more. Anj is going to be doing this and maybe you two can feed off of each other.

I'm so excited to hear how you do with your wonderful paintings. Good Luck.


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KM and Punk......Thank You both for so much food for thought. I spent yesterday looking through my supply of books and patterns and pulled out quite a few, in fact, tooooo many, so I will do my fave's first. DH is busy at the scroll saw and I am cleaning my painting area as I gear up for a lot of hours at doing what I love to do - paint!

I think limiting each design to 3 or 4 is right on the spot and I still have some business cards from the old days, but I think I will do something new.

DH think this craft show is a good idea, my kids think I am brain dead. I actually am pumped by the challenge.


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That is neat idea about the brush holder. Did anyone look at the travel water kit set. If you let the paint dry up, how is it usable again. Do you just add water?

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Sorry wrong page

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