Preserving Old Tole

bhk12March 18, 2008

I have a large tole tray painted by my Mother in 1962. It is gorgeous, however the shiny finish is beginning to crackle.

The painting is still excellent, just the crackling

I do not wax or clean it other than dusting.

I believe the materials used in the 60's may be different than todays.....though not sure as I am not a painter.

Would appreciate input on the proper way to care for and preserve this tray from further deterioration.

I vaguely remember she said use PLedge to protect it....

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Would love to see a pic of your's Mom's painted tray. I have no idea what to use on it other than a spray on sealer. I'm hoping that Painting Fool will see your post and have some suggestions for you. Luvs

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Sorry I don't have any good advice either. I wonder if a local art studio would be able to restore it for you and give you some tips on how to preserve it. I'd like to see a photo of it as well. Good luck. ~Anj

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bhk, if she painted it in the 60's, it is probably oil with a varnish overlay. I suspect it is the varnish starting to craze so I would not try to remove the varnish or varnish over it, I would take it to a art restorer to have it cleaned and possibly re-varnish. Since your Mom painted it, it would be worth the time and effort. Hope this helps.

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