Pearls and Grout

gardencroneFebruary 10, 2010

Well, for the first time I used some pearls on a piece that is kinda shabby chic. I used mdf as a substrate and GEII as the glue and sanded grout. Well, many of the pearls popped off even with careful handling and the ones that stayed look like the finish came off...not shiny any more. Will try to add photo. What a mess. For those who do use pearls, do you put them on after? Do you protect them somehow? The GEII seemed to loosen when I tried to clean around the pearls. Help.

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I've not liked silicone for beads either for what I call the bounce facter. Small pieces have too much give when grouting. So I a glue that dries hard on beads. But also,the easiest way to include faux pearls is to add them after or yes the finish can be scratched off. Someoneone here once used the wetted paintbrush method off sinking grout around them and it worked but it was tedious (she had alot)

I have used freshwater pearls with no problems at all, they seem unaffected by sanded grout.

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I have used pearls several times and not had a problem with the finish coming off. I used sanded grout. I glue them on with MAC glue. I drop a largish drop of glue onto the substrate and position the pearl (or any other round bead) into it, using enough so that the glue comes up all around it, almost to the height of where the grout will be, but not quite. Leaving an empty spot for the pearl, grouting, then pushing the pearl in, removing it, placing a drop of glue, re-placing the pearl, then carefully with a wet makeup brush, brushing the grout up around it, sounds like another solution. Tedious work.

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Yes, it's the coating/finish that comes off the faux pearls when grouting. I believe SILVA once said she makes the indentation w/her pearls or beads while gluing/grouting, then glues them on later. NT's suggestion of painting the grout w/a brush works too. I use that method sometimes on 3-D grouting nightmares. Since I use a very dry grout (so as not to use water in cleanup), I have to moisten the grout a bit more to go around beads/pearls. That said, I sure need to get back to work. Y'all are inspiring me to speed up this horrible thing called housework and get back to mosaicing.

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Nicethyme. Thanks....I see so many pretty pieces with pearls, but guess that is what learning is about!!! It makes sense that the silicone would bobble, now that you mention it. Guess this piece was a success then because I learned something. Appreciate your input as always.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Bless your heart. What is the rest of your tess? Can't quite make out what the rest of the hearts are made of.

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aw, I know that feeling of dissappointment. I'm sorry.

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I too have experienced with both the coating coming off and pearl falling off. What I do now is use super glue for the pearls several drops and don't touch til completely dry. I then use clear nali polish and put 2 coats over the pearl. Since I started this method none have fallen off during grouting and the coating is fine. If the polish has a rubbed look I just put on another coat!!! It works for me...

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Wow, such great ideas! I am ready for morning to begin again. I'll get it licked yet. Thanks is disappointing, but as I said earlier, learn more from this than all the ones that work w/o problems. Cathy great idea for nail polish and I will never use geII for small beads and pearls. Slow - the hearts I made in my clay group. They all think I am weird cuz I work on such small things and never make a bowl or a pot etc, but I have lots of cute minute little pieces to play with on a rainy day like today. :)

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