Terra Cotta Sealer

Ruby_RedMarch 30, 2002

I was in Michael's the other day and saw they had a spray can of Terra Cotta Sealant. Has anyone seen, used or heard of this product. Wondering if it might make it easier to paint in light colors, like taking less coats to completely cover the terra cotta color. Even when I use gloss indoor/outdoor paints, the light colors don't seem to cover as well. TIA


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I never used it but it must be made specially for that purpose. Let us know if you use it if it is worth it

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I too wondered about that product. Sometimes I use a wood sealer and that seems to work for me. (KEEP IT IN MIND)

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I spray my terra cotta containers with Deco Art's Americana acrylic matte sealer/finisher before painting. When I use that first it seems to cut down on the number of coats of paint needed. I would think any brand would work.

I would be interested in knowing if the terra cotta sealant is more or less costly compared to the Americana spray. The only reason I use the Americana is because it's what I have on hand.


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Crafty, the Terra Cotta sealer costs $4.99 a can but if you get either Michael's 40% or Joann's 50% coupons, it costs considerably less. Still haven't gotten around to usng it yet, maybe in the next couple weeks I will. I have plenty of other sealers around to use also. Thanks for the info.


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Patio Paint has a clear coat that works wonderful as a sealer, it's finish is light gloss, it has to be brushed on but I think it is worth the time. It's only .99 a 2 oz. bottle at Wal-Mart.

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