Planned Bathroom Renovations Today!

pianoladyJuly 19, 2006

Dh wants to replace the deck, I want to redo the bathrooms. After planning the bathrooms out today, I've just about got him convinced to work on that this winter. Beauty is, we don't have to relocate the original tub until the very end, because the new shower would use the same plumbing....and we'd gain closet space (that was my idea, he wanted to take more of the closet space for bathroom, I don't think so!).

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Rats-- I think your links aren't working.. I'll try them again later. Bathroom redos are so exciting! Though I couldn't go all out on mine, I did update my tiny bathroom with a little paint and trim, and thought I would throw out my recommendation here. If your bathroom is small or lacking in some zing, add granite crystals (found in the paint department) like crazy to your paint before you repaint the room. I painted my bathroom an off-white/ beige --a rather tame color-- but with the crystals the room has this great subtle shimmer to it (not at all distasteful) that really brightens up the room and gives it some kick.

Well, there's my bathroom tip for you, pianolady. Best of luck with your dream bathroom!!!


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Thanks Jane, my brother has that in his house, it's neat.

Let's try this...

Current Layout

What I want it to be:

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Wow! I really like your plan. What a great use of the space.

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Brilliant use of space! Good for you!
Thanks for sharing your plans,


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Thanks! Hope it works as well in reality as it does on paper.

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Hi pianolady! I'm 80% of the way through one bathroom renovation and planning another one for early next year - for well over a year I've been Totally Bathroom Obsessed (TBO, as we say over on the Bathrooms forum).

I took the liberty of playing a little with your floorplans to see if I could use the space a tad more efficiently. All of them tighten your guest bath up a little bit, because I think there's some wasted square footage there and in small houses we can't waste a single one! :-) I would strongly suggest you seriously consider installing pocket doors for the bath and closet, or at least for the bath, rather than curtains, if only for resale. (If this is your forever house, think of your heirs. :-)) Pocket doors have drastically improved from those nasty hollow-core things that flapped and banged and fell off their tracks!

#1 expands your closet. The box by the door between MBR and MBA is a narrower, wider cabinet, either with sliding doors (ideal) or double swing doors, but otherwise no change to the master.

#2 gives you both a shower and a soaking tub, leaving your closet the same size. This one is actually very efficient from a plumbing point of view because it's very good to have toilets backing up on each other so that they can share a drain. It also has both showers back up on each other so they can have a common plumbing wall as well. Bumping that wall back a little also lends a little privacy to the toilet - if you looked in from the bedroom you wouldn't be able to see someone sitting on the john. :-)

#3 drastically enlarges your closet (of course you get the big half LOL). The cabinet to the right of the sinks is a full-height cabinet in order to give a little privacy to the toilet, however you'll need a longer plumbing run to the toilet. Even if you have full access to the bathroom that may not be feasible depending on which way your joists run. It's a lot easier to move plumbing within a joist bay than it is to go across them. If you're on slab you are in deep doodie. :-(

These are, of course, all my opinions, and worth every cent you paid for 'em.

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Thanks for the ideas, gives me more to think about. We do have doors for all the closets and bathrooms, we've just chosen to take them off and can put them back should we ever sell the house (which we won't).

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I took off the original pics since they were so big. I did some measuring, and I could just leave our current closet situation alone. It's working, so it would really help the budget not to fix a situation that's not broken.

How does this look? I decided dh and I would like seperate vanities better.

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Here's one more, I changed it to accomodate the window in the master bath, and the toilet stays where it is now, eliminating the window in the shower area, and the need to move the plumbing for the toilet, saving us more money. I'd lose one sink due to space limitations, but that's not really high on our priority list.

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This option leaves the corner shower using current plumbing, and leaves the master bath toilet on the same plumbing. Less to relocate. I think I like this one best.

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