I'm not an artist but...

clairdo2March 6, 2008

I just thought I'd try painting a picture with my folk art paints. I know artists are going to have a laugh but anyway i will ask what you think of this for my living room wall. It looks a bit dark i think. Any tips would be greatly appreciated .how could i brighten it up a bit.

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I think you did a terrific job and I don't think it is too dark. I can't imagine anyone laughing and if they do then I would not consider them an artist anyway. Art is a lot like that saying -"beauty is in the eye of the beholder". That's the way I see art.

You did a great job and if you like it - then that's all that matters.

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Hi Clairdo2, Welcome to the forum. I totally agree with what Painting Fool said. After all, one of the reasons for painting is to create things that we like and enjoy. Did you paint it on a canvas? Hmmm, wonder if it is possible to buy a TS picture and paint over it? Never thought about that before. Luvs

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I think you did a great job too! I love the colors and think it looks striking against that light wall. I wouldn't change a thing!

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Hi Clairdo2,

Welcome! I've been working on something with acrylics too for 3 days now...I will post it later...I'm new to painting and new here too...can't wait to share my creations...


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Thank you for the compliments. Maybe I'll just leave it the way it is.

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here's my latest... I got so much to learn, oh boy


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Oh,yes you are this is very nice!

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Claire,I think you did a good job and i don't think i'd change anything either,and as someone else said it looks nice on that light wall.

You also know that we are our own worse critics,don't you?? Thats what i always tell DH.

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Claire....who says you aren't an artist??? I think it looks great. Are you sure that's your first project??? Seems like you knew what you wanted and went for it and it turned out great. I wouldn't change it either. I don't think it's too dark either especially if you can pick up those colors as accents in your room. I doubt anyone will laught at it, they may ask where you got it so they can get one for themselves. :)

Anna~ Your sailing painting is fresh and summery. I like it a lot. There is always something new to learn. Even some of the ladies who've been painting the longest here are always looking to learn some new way of doing things. It's fun. Keep it up.

TFS ~Anj

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I love your painting also, not a artist myself but so love trying! you did a beautiful job!
anna love your painting! beautiful colors! as I keep saying gonna have to try painting on tissue paper.

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I have never tried painting on tissue but it looks like it would be fun. How did you do it? Is it on a wall?

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