dearth of small homes

mmegaeraJuly 7, 2006

I envy you all your small houses. I finally wound up with a condo because around here, it's the land value that drives up the price of the house, not the house itself, so it's much more profitable for developers to build big houses on tiny lots, rather than the other way around.

What do people do when they'd rather have new construction (not build it yourself -- the point of new construction is to not have to deal with the difficulties of building and/or remodeling [g]) and a small house in areas where land is so expensive?

(as in, lots are as small as .10 acre, and going for $75,000 or more...)

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mmegaera, building a custom home doesn't have to be fraught with difficulties. We have done it 3 times - twice for ourselves and once overseeing MIL's. The main thing is to do your homework, as in get plenty of references and see the GC's work before hand. And be willing to be the squeaky wheel when needed. GCs can get busy with other jobs so you sometimes have to pick up the phone and make a little noise. ; )

We would build again in a heart beat. It's a wonderfully satisfying feeling to know your home is unique to you (I designed ours). And if you can do some of the work you can save some money, too.


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