Forum Girls in Mexico!!!!

Calamity_JFebruary 9, 2009

Here we are...meeting in Mexico!!!

Daisyme, Calamit-j, Klinger, Slowmedown

Here we are, meeting, at the Haciendo Mosaico, where Slowmedown was taking a Wonderful mosaic course!!!

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Have a wonderful time!

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Oh you all look so warm! LOL

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Hi everybody!! have a lot of fun!!

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Oh look how cute you all are!!!! Wish I were there with you, what FUN!!!!!! You are all such an inspiration! And, Slow, I am having a blast making these cinderblock plant stands... can barely lift them once they are done, but I just love them!! Am thinking if I stack them it will have to be done where they will stay forever! Working on two more right now.

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Oh how much fun, be safe and have a blast and post more pictures!!!

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Howdy y'all. I'm soooooooo jealous . Have fun and enjoy your together time and mosaic lessons and everything!!! Bring us back some inspiration!!

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Lucky group! How wonderful for you all. Yes, please keep us posted with pictures of all the fun you are having!


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Hola amigos !
... someday I'm going to be there with you all too ! : )

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Actually we are back...well, except Daisyme, who is soooo lucky and is there for another MONTH!!! The course Slow took looked soooo AMAZING!!! I was overwhelmed with how much tesserae you got to choose from, AND they also got to fuse glass!!! It was the MOTHERLOAD!!! It was so good to see the Hacienda Mosaico again too! Slow made me one of her Beautiful is the prettiest item I own!!! And Daisyme found me a blue bottle on the beach and I'll use it on my bottle tree! I also scored some more free tesserae from beachcombing! AND some glass hummingbird round thingys. I'll post pics soon!Off to work....

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Hi girls!!!!!!

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This looks like such a fun time!! I will attend this one day. I'll have to go back to work first of course... Can't wait to hear more and see pictures.

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That is just what I needed, so see your smilin faces!
What fun!
Glad you made it home safe and can't wait to see what you inspire us with next ladies.

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Long story of why I'm not posting yet - still exhausted from all my traveling since Thanksgiving, party, cleaning trip to Mo/Bro's sister, blah, blah, blah. I've been in bed ever since I returned but because of the concern of TX, who just emailed me, I decided it's time to show up and hope y'all still accept this old lady. Just posting pictures today - hope to get back to participating soon. Haven't unpacked my bag or the Jeep yet. My PV Trip album follows - new camera and I don't know how to work it yet, therefore no names on the pictures. Love y'all. Oh, PS the swirly one is mine. The teacher didn't like me cuz I can't do perfection and rebelled. I tried, but just couldn't DO IT!!!!! Always have been a rebel!
At the Haciendo in PV

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That course was Perfection!! I'd be sooo overwhelmed with all the goodies, I wanna use em all! But alas, I'm no perfectionist either Slow! What are a couple a heifers to do???! lol! Here's a pic of the GORGEOUS purse Slow made me, and the pretty (my fav color) cobalt blue bottle from Daisyme, and my glass rounds(10pesos/$1 each)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey y'all, welcome back! beautiful pics....

Slow, was this yours?

cause I don't see anything that isn't perfect there (shrug, confused) heck, the workmanship of everything in your photos are way better than anything I glue up! it was all gorgeous! but, the 1st classmate pic - eek, she didn't looked thrilled - I hope ya just caught her odd lol

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That's my piece, NT. I was so busy right up until the time of the class that I hadn't made any plans on what to make in the class, so in a REAL rush, I thought I'd make a partial of something to go on the wall above my bathroom backsplash around the mirror/sconce. Of course, not knowing the measurements, I just cut a piece of screen the size of the paper the teacher gave me to sketch out a design. SKETCH OUT A DESIGN?????????? Lordy, y'all know I NEVER do that, so.... looking rather bewildered, she drew out sorta an S. That would be the green stem, on which I hung those dumb looking daisies. That was my first thought. Well, y'all know me - I never follow an original thought, so when I started "going outside the lines", I felt the coolness, especially when I couldn't get the grout lines EXACTLY the same. Well, after the first afternoon of suffering, I finally said "I don't fit in this class, and I don't even WANT to be this uptight. After I relaxed and decided to color outside the lines, I sorta enjoyed it. BTW - that's the teacher, NT. She gave up on me after the first day. She's a very nice lady, a good teacher, and puts out perfect work - note the Toucan and the little group of flowers standing against the back wall. These are cutouts that she's had lazer cut and is selling for $25. each. I bought two - the flowers and a lizard. Yeah, I know - I have a scroll saw, but these were very nicely done w/burned sides, and this is a new part of her business - you know - support fellow artists. I don't even call myself an artist - ESPECIALLY W/THOSE IN THAT CLASS. It was a very cohesive group - everyone was so nice and friendly, and so all was not lost. Had I not been sick w/a cold and exhausted, I would have enjoyed it much more. I won't use my piece on my bathroom wall, so w/have to use it in some other way. Of course, I'll have to add a WHOLE bunch of other stuff - found objects, old jewelry - you know - my kind of mosaic. There are all styles of mosaics, and out of this world talented artists, and mine doesn't even come CLOSE to their styles and talent, but I'm happy in my little world.

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lol,'re a girl after my own
rebel indeed...that was MY name, all through school.
I never fit in, to the mainstream, disciplined type of
world and I still don'
my kids's friends call me 'abstract'..that's in everything I do..think, raise kids, artwork, daily life...
it's just something that's born within, I have come to realize. can't fight it, so gotta just go with

when I saw your work piece in the class, the very first thought that came to mind, was riding a roller coaster!
if that makes any sense, I can't describe it any
I couldn't say a ferris wheel, cuz that's too slow in motion...the roller coaster is full of curves, ups and downs, paced and color just whizzes by, as you fly through the
(and I refuse to be catagorized as 'certifiable'
I just think the piece is full of zest and a burst of energy!


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Glad you are backand getting some rest, Slow!!
That piece is wonderful and once you "Slow it up" it will be perfect!! Looks like some nice work came out of that class.

I agree there are all kinds of mosaics, too bad the teacher was a bit rigid in her thinking

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yeah well, I thought her stuff looked canned! lol

get some rest, recuperate from your illness and just plain over run over done travels, breath... glue. but not ya know breath glue... lol

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Ahhhh - it's so good to be back w/people I love that understand my wild ways. Y'all just make me feel so danged good. In fact, I'm gonna try to unroll/unfold my piece today, finish unpacking my bag, unload the Jeep, and look around in the garage for a piece of MDF to put my piece on and "Slow" it up (thanks SHRTY, for that). And, STRAWBERRY - I was called a rebel all my life too. I say to those who criticize us idigits blame God - He made me, and I'm comfortable w/me. If y'all look to the left of my piece in the picture that NT was nice enough to enlarge, you'll see what really flipped my skirt in the class - fusing. We got to share a 10-inch shelf of the kiln one day, and I had a ball putting those bits and pieces together. It rekindled my desire to buy a kiln. I'm gonna email FLAG to see if she -HEY - FLAG - if you're reading this, respond - w/let me play w/one of hers first. I'll google to see where I can buy some scrap dichroic (sp??)glass. Man, that was some kind of fun, and I can tell y'all, it'd be another whole hobby. I put one of my pieces into a little something to leave for Sam. Wanna do lots more of that stuff.

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Well, I'm FINALLY checking in...still in Mexico! I can't tell you what fun we had all meeting in Puerto Vallarta after knowing each other for so long here on Garden Web! IT was truly special for me to meet friends with so much in common and so inspirational to me. Fun people each one too, I might add. I don't know how many times each of them (you three) has written something encouraging to me along the way, and how wonderful each of them (you) is in PERSON. What wonderful inspiration and wealths of information. Wow.

We cruised the galleries, beach combed, drank margaritas, and shopped til we dropped. I'm not kidding...LOL I've never been so worn out in my life than follwing THIS particular three around. But what joyous weariness...I wished it wouldn't end.

Wish you all could have been there. What fun that would be! See you all here in a couple of weeks when my DH and I return home to California.

Daisy (me!)

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Daisyme!! It was so great to meet you too!!! Isn't the Haciendo Mosaico AMAZING?!! Maybe we should all just book the place up and hold ourselves a big ol' PARTY!!! Who needs an instructor? WE DON"T!!!...We could call it Garden Web Gone Wild!!!hehehehehe!!!

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WOW, I am even more jealous of you all getting together and enjoying your time together. yea, calamity, that would be fun for us all to rent it. yea, dream on..

Slow, I am with you on the rebel part, I hate to say it, but if I had been in that class, I think I would have been really disappointed cuz I hate having someone tell me WHAT TO DO, and how to do it. Let me do it my way and in my time. Still, you got to be with great people, got to try glass fusing!!! and learn all kinds of new things!! so I guess it wasn't all bad, but I'm sorry you had to put up with a teach like that...

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