Cut out two bunnies

luvstocraftMarch 20, 2007

I found a couple patterns I wanted to do, so I cut out a couple of bunnies yesterday and have them both basecoated. Yeah! My problem is that I find a cute design, then don't know where I can use it. One I think will go on a stake, and maybe the other one will hang on my lamppost. Now wondering if I need to do a sign saying "Happy Easter" to go with it. See one thing leads to another. LOL

Well, I had spent a couple evenings going through and sorting out my old painting books. Actually decided to part with several of them that I am no longer interested in or have already done the projects I liked. Sometimes I keep them thinking I might use the shape or idea if not the actual project (which is usually one I'm not crazy about) but have decided that is silly. The ones I know I won't use are just crowding the shelf and making it hard to get to the ones I'm looking for. Many of these were either given to me or were YS or TS finds.

Must be the Spring fever thing, but I am wanting to go through all my craft supplies now and do the same thing. I am so bad about holding onto things that I might NEED for something! Finally realizing that if I haven't used it by now, I probably won't! LOL

Funny, but I thought once I retired I would just be doing lots of crafts all the time--but I don't. I'm either playing on here, playing with the dogs, watching little GD, or doing the dreaded, never ending housework! Ha ha

Forgive the rambling. Anyway, I should have a couple of bunnies to post pics of in a couple of days. I have a funny looking bunny stake that I will have to take pics of too. A friend gave me the cutout and the pattern a few years ago, so I painted him even though he really wasn't one I would have chosen myself. Are you curious yet? LOL

Can't wait to see the bunnies and chicks and lambs and flowers all of you have painted for Easter and Spring.


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Luvs~ just saw your bunnies and Oh, I love them. You'll probably think I'm nuttier than usual after reading my post. ha oh well. Spring fever has sprung!!

Good luck going thru all your stuff. I need to go get some containers and weed thru my craft crap (as DH calls it) this year too.

Can you believe I actually got to paint??? Working on some spool ornies. They are for Christmas though. Found them in one of my closets (spring cleaning) and decided to go ahead and get them done instead of trying to re-store them until next Christmas. I may get done with them tonight to post for tomorrow. I need to go get something springy to paint. May take a trip over to Roberts or Wood Connection tomorrow if the weather is pretty. ~Anj

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How did you see her bunnies??? I don't see a link to them!! I wanna see to.waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Hi Kathi, They are on the gallery side. Go take a look. How have you been? And what have you been up to? Haven't chatted with you for a long time.

Anj, good for you on going ahead with your ornaments. I never get everything done that I want to before Christmas. Now your ornaments will be ready! I'll look forward to seeing your pics.

Oh by the way, I just got my Quick & Easy Painting magazine. Guess what? They have stenciled/painted placemats and napkins. Is that perfect timing for me or what? Ha ha


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Luvs I was excited to se your little jar lid bunny. It is the same pattern as the one I made back in 1996 when I took lessons/ I really miss the lessons. Anyway. I just stand him up behind other things on the shelf. I never did putthe wood circle (for the jar) on the back,

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi Minnie, Oh your's is so cute too. You did a great job on the shading areas and your eyelashes are much better--I sort of got carried away with mine! LOL

Actually, I have had that book for ages and always thought he was cute but never got around to making him. Now that I am finally retired, I have time to pull out some of my old books and see what I still might want to paint. I actually enlarged him quite a bit so that I could either hang him on my lamppost or put him on a stake in the flower bed.

That book was a good one, there are still other patterns in it that I would like to do. But probably not for jar lids either--just signs and stakes. That's what is so great about painting, you can find a pattern you like and use it in different ways.

Thanks for sharing your bunny with me too.


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I referred this post to someone on another forum who wanted to know more about the bunny. I told her to ask you I hope you don't mind. I never had the book only tracings of the pattern in class. I really wish there were some clases around here again.

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No problem, Minnie. We will be glad to help her anyway we can. ;o) Luvs

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I just checked out everyones projects in the gallery.

Luvs, your bunnies are the cutest, I love the bunny sign.

Anj, your spools make me smile.

Glad to see everyone painting again.

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