Just ordered whole bunch of tiles, at really cheap prices!

charmoFebruary 14, 2009

I'm so excited, and I can't hide it...ha!ha! No kidding, I just ordered myself 6,750 glass tiles! Woo hoo! In case you don't know Tile Shack online is closing and having a MAJOR sale. For me, even paying $73 for shipping to Ontario, Canada, it is still totally worth it. Quite a few colors for a sheet of 225 tiles, $2.40!

Check it out girls!

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Thanks for the info. I did too

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Klinger and I are over there drooling too!!!heh heh heh!!!

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Thanks for the info, Charmo! I, too, spent quite a while picking out what I hope will be a good enuff selection to help me get started. Am rank beginner, but have been playing with GOG for a few weeks. Even got TG from local glass company. They dumped out their vacuum cleaner for me! There was a lot of black glass, lite blue tinted, and some clear that was backed with black, best I can tell from the small pieces. You know how long it takes to separate the colors.......? Aaargh!
But beggars can't be chosers, right?

Nancy in Cincinnati

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