GE II Silicone vs. Thinset for outdoor application

jenelFebruary 4, 2010

My next project is going to be an outdoor shower, done with stained glass on Wedi. I've seen advice here that GE II is a great clear adhesive. My question is, do I need it? Since I'm gluing to Wedi, which is, of course, opaque, does it matter if I use a clear adhesive? The glass tessarae will not all be opaque, unless there's a reason they should. I planned on doing as much as I could with glass I already own, rather than going out to buy more. So some will be opaque, some not.

My plan has been to create the piece on mesh and then adhere it to the wedi with thinset later. If I decide to use GEII instead, would the best option be to glue directly to the Wedi?

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I would go with the mesh/thinset plan. Using mesh would be so easy and convenient, and thinset would be more economical, and you would be assured of a strong and permanent installation. Just remember that the mesh will show through the pieces that are transparent. Will you tumble the pieces of stained glass before installation?

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For wet applications like showers, definately use thinset. If you are using mesh and you chose to use anything but thinset to adhere your tess to it - remember to use very little because you need the surface of that tess to contact the thinset more than anything. otherwise you'll have a weak area where your tess is being held by PVA instead of thinset. Avoid using silicone to attach your mesh because it is one substance that repels thinset

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Good advice from both - thinset is the ticket for long-lasting bond and strength. Evidence enough for me was - my brother's mosaics I did a couple yrs. ago were under water recently for nearly a month. When I scrubbed them up, not one tile had fallen off.

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Thanks, all! Thinset, it shall be. Doing it on mesh will make my life much easier, so I can glue inside while my husband watches TV.

I hadn't planned to tumble the glass before gluing. I have a grinder, and would do a quick grind of each piece before I glue. However, if there's a reason that tumbling would be better, I'm all ears. I'm definitely still learning!

I am SO anxious to get started, but we're working on renovating a rental property right now, so I have to spend my free time doing boring stuff like painting the walls. LOL

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Tumbling definitely w/save you grinding each piece. Since my small tumbler lost it's belt, and I'm too lazy to replace it, I started using an ice cream freezer, tilted in my kitchen sink to tumble stained glass. Holds more than the little one from Harbor Freight. Tumbling is what I recommend.

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Hi slowmedown. How did you adapt the ice cream freezer - do you have a photo?

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Hey, AFRICAN. No photo, but all I did was place the ice cream freezer in my kitchen sink, and tilted it a bit forward, put in about a third can of water, enough to cover the tess and a little above, and let it run for about 30 min. I used only glass - about 2- 3 cups of glass - junk glass from florist vases and colored glassware from my kitchen, bottle shards, etc, but I'm sure that if I'd used dish shards, it would have to run - oh - probably an hr or more. I don't tumble shards.

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Great advice for all and tumbling couldn't be easier than what they suggest. I use a small concrete mixer from Harbor Fgt to do my plate shards. Just add a little white sand and water. Smooth edges. I can't wait to see pics of your project. Good luck.

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