Waaaah! No can do!

sharon_flMarch 28, 2008

Well, like I promised I would-I signed up at Photobucket but I had to email Customer Support to see if webtv/msn users could use their site to post pics to message boards. I got a reply that said that they are not compatible with msn/webtv. Sooo, unless there are any msn/webtv'ers that know of a site I CAN use..guess I'll only be able to send pics via my email to folks, as I hate asking others to do it for me. Hey...I tried!

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Hi Sharon, I am sorry for your frustration.....but so glad to see I am not alone!

I have had webtv since 1999. I love it, and have to say that the only thing I don't like is the problem with photo sites. The only way I have ever been able to post pics is thanks to my dear daughter who came over and took pics and made a photobucket album. Do you have anyone who could do that?

I have also found that when I send her pics email...using my camcorder, she can't pick them out. Maybe there is a way, but we don't know it!!

I wish I could figure a way to make a webpage. It is supposed to be very easy with our Scrapbook thingy...but, it beats me how to do it.

Would love to see the pics of the room. Feel free to email me from my page. Not sure if I can help, but would love to see it.

Meanwhile, keep posting. These girls are soooooo helpful and encouraging.

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Do you have a webtv plus unit? If so..you can do it-I always did, using my video cam and my computer friends I sent them to also were able to see them in my emails-NOT as an attachment but as part of the email. Let me know & I'll help you. I had webtv since 1998-love it-don't need a big old computer at my age. But I do get frustrated with it so often-especially since msn bought them out!
OOPS-just reread your reply..YOU don't have the problem sending..it's your daughter who can't set up receiving them on HER computer, right?
I am somewhat savy in getting people set up w/a webtv/msn unit-have trained MANY all over the place..went into their homes & got them going. I swear I should've gotten a commission from webtv for all of the units I sold for them!! LOL

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Sharon~ I posted over on your original post about this. I had looked into photobucket for you and couldn't find where they did the webtv, but I believe you may be able to do it thru picturetrail which is another free web hosting site. It says they are compatible with webtv. Here is a link to check them out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picturetrail

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