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sharon_flMarch 24, 2008

As part of the remake for my Chloe's "Princess" bedroom-I picked up 2 twin sets of ornate head & footboards for $25 for ALL!

I've got 1 footboard primed and now that I'm feeling human again-will be doing the headboard this week.

The room colors will be a soft pink & lavender (per her request) with a cream color for the furnitures' base.

I have a double dresser, nightstand, dressing table & the bed boards. Onl using the 1 headboard for this somewhat narrow room-I'll be attaching the headboard to the wll & placing the bed against it-lengthways, then using the 2 footboards to make a daybed effect. From above the bed will be this awesome pink sheer fabric ($$$) that has tiny sparkles in it-which will swag from the center to the ball knobs on the ends of the headboard.

I kinda' think I want to use the acrylic drawer pulls & knobs on all of the furniture-either in the pink or lavender. There's an awesome flea market in my area where I can get them for $3 each! But I need to figure out the color detail on the headboard first so there's not an overkill of color.

As I am inept in posting photos-if anyone is willing to email me? I can email a photo back to you for your suggestions of how to paint the detail on the headboard. OR if someone can post the pic for me-I'd greatly appreciate it! I have redone 2 table lamps-one of which has crystals that hang from it's ornate leaves. Also have a crystal chandelier and 2 lighted crystal wall sconces-all of which I have accented in a liquid gold paint.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Hi Sharon, I'm not much of a techie, so someone else can probably help you with the pictures better than I can. We do have some excellent step by step instructions on here if you want to open a Photobucket account and give it a try.

Sounds like you have lots of beautiful items ready for your granddaughter's bedroom. I'm sure it will all be gorgeous.


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I have a hard time getting pics on my yahoo mail, but you need to learn how to post pics anyway. :) It's no fun having to depend on others to post your pics. Please let us teach you how and then you can do it from now own on all the forums. It's really easy, I promise.

First go set yourself up a free account at It's a safe site, we all use it. When you get that done let us know and we'll walk ya thru step by step. We want to see those pics!! It sounds like you've done an awesome job on that bed! You can get this picture posting thing down too no problem! :) ~Anj

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Seems like u know what u want. It sounds adorable what your thinking so far. The acrylic knobs would be cute. If not maybe painted porcelain would look good. Be sure and surf the web and see what u come up with. I can hardly wait to see her room finished. It will be darling and you will be proud. This is the site my daughter ordered her little princess bed from. There is quite a few with flowers for ideas. They are spendy but darling.

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Thanks everyone for your input!! My biggest problem about posting pics-which I am dying to be able to that I don't use a computer-I have msn/webtv. I need to go to Photobucket & see if webtv is capable to do this. Since I posted this thread-I have come down with a painful case of pleuresy (sp?)-but as soon as I am up to it-will check out discussion boards on 'how to'.
OH..if you hop over to the KITCHEN TABLE, one of the gals did post photos of this awesome headboard/footboard for me. The post is titled the same as this one..(Need Your Suggestions).
I PROMISE..(if my unit is compatible)..that by Monday I WILL be posting pics-tee hee-you all will probably say "Oh no..not MORE pics from Sharon"!!

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Ok, I can see where webtv might be a problem and if you really can't get it to work I'll have you try to get them to come thru on my email so we can try to get them posted. But I still hope we can figure out how to get you posting on your own. :) I'll try to research it since I know nothing about webtv.
Please feel better! Being sick is no fun! And we will never say NO MORE PICS!! ha It will be more like MORE MORE! :D ~Anj

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Sharon, I haven't found anything on Photobucket for webtv yet, but maybe try this tutorial on Picturetrail (Used by people on one of my other boards). I'm not familiar with webtv, but reading thru it sounds kinda like what we do on photobucket.

Anybody else here use Picturetrail to upload pics here? ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Picturetrail

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I have to get help posting pic to . Not much fun .Hope to see the photos soon.


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