Interior Garage Door/Trim Color Ideas

dellagiammussoJuly 31, 2012

I almost completed the interior of my garage.

I had my garage floor done with a beautiful black and silver flake epoxy over a light grey base tone on floor. The finish has a very high gloss top coat that looks stunning! . . It almost looks wet!

The walls were just painted a medium charcoal for the top half of the walls. The bottom half I had a PVC Material (taupe color) attached to the wall (easy to just hose down). Wall cabinets are white, and door at the moment, is a bright bright white color with black accents. I think I do want to keep the black accents.

I am trying to figure out:

(1) Should I mute the white a bit on the door color so not to be so stark and get them closer to the white in the cabinets orrrr maybe paint the door an extremely light grey color?

(2) The trim right now matches the wall which I'm NOT sure I like. I was thinking of doing the trim a very deep charcoal color (almost black but not quite) . . same color I actually used on the beam that runs across the garage ceiling. And maybe make the stairs the same color as the trim?

Need some suggestions.

I attached a picture to give you a visual.

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I think that is the most beautiful garage I have ever seen. I think the door would look good in a light grey color, but I am not a color expert -- it would tone down the white and hide dirt. Hard to tell from the picture, but perhaps the taupe color might also be worth exploring. Not sure what color for the door trim.

Did you say you painted the black and silver flaked epoxy over a standard concrete floor? The floor is awesome.


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I would never post a photo of the interior of my garage...especially after seeing this.

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I'm not surprised by the feedback so far lol.

I know . . it's just . . a . . GARAGE. But it's part of my house and appreciate it as much as the other rooms in my house : ) I guess one of those guilty pleasures ; )

. . I'm leaning towards a very very light grey, almost white for the door? . . kinda blends in with the taupe color scheme on the bottom half of the wall. The stark white has got to go. Everything else is warm, and the white is screaming white, more than the cabinets which is a softer white but crisp looking somewhat.

. . possibly leaning towards a super dark charcoal trim and match the stairs up to it?

Yes, they grinded down the concrete and applied the epoxy steps. 3 day process. It's pretty cool.

Need some more feedback to help in my decision.

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