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desertstephJuly 2, 2011

found this site today for hardware and more... most is too expensive for me - and I have most of what I'll need at least picked out if not purchased already.

check it out in case you might find a treasure -

Here is a link that might be useful: hardware and more

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I've been wanting to suggest resources for you. Am not sure where in AZ you are located. Run a search for "used bulding supplies AZ" and see if there is something nearby.
Once you try these, you may never go back to paying retail

Similir to Restore - 2 locations

Habit Restore locations throughout AZ

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Oh yes, I've browsed that site before. It's great, but like you said, pricey.

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Steph, like emagineer says, the Restore has many good products, not always what you need, but interesting nonetheless.

And, I found some great tall wall cabinet doors for $10 each, which might work with some of my kitchen redo. Really nice wood. I also found some adjustable plantation shutters, something I simply cannot resist, and I bought a few of those too. I'm a sucker for shutters.

When I go to that side of town where they moved the Restore, I always drop in. Never know what you might find.

And also, take a look at the Lee Valley Tools catalog for hardware, online. I forget who turned me on to them, but they have just about everything, from pocket door hardware, barn door hardware, murphy bed hardware, Blum drawer hardware, to all sorts of kitchen and bath stuff. I check them out so I can learn how to use different products.

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emagineer - thx for the stardust site. I knew about restore in MEsa but don't think I knew about stardust. if I did, I forgot! Got 'em on my list now. They're both fairly close to each other. I'm hoping to get to restore next wk and if not too tired I'll stop into Stardust. Else I'll have to schedule it for the following wk. will have to make up a list of sizes of things I might need to take with me!

I loved the metal door knobs on that site - but I can't use them anymore anyway. I've put in all lever knobs. the knob on the door to this place is round and is just killing my hand going in/ out of here. I almost switched it out recently to a lever until I get out of here.

ML - both places listed above are 25-30 miles from me. They're probably within 10 miles or so of each other. It'll be harder for me to get up there during the summer heat, starting in late Oct I can probably go more often. A lot of the things I need (or think I need) can really wait til then. I would like to check if they have any sheet vinyl I can use now tho. That'll be the main thing I'll look for there now. If I would find something I'll need down the road at a great price I'll go ahead and get it (kitchen sink, bathroom sink, pantry doors).

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