Painting on glass blocks

frediaMarch 5, 2008

I have read on here about painting on the glass blocks but can't find it now.Would someone please tell me what kind of paint to use? I prefer acrylics but don't know if they will let the lights shine through or if it will last on the glass.What do you seal them with? I got the hole drilled with no problem, found the lights and now I don't know how to finish.Thanks so much.

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If you go to the bottom of the page there is a search box for this fourm, if you type in glass blocks quite a few post will come up and I am sure you will find alot of info! you can also go to the craft fourm and do a search ,theres alot of beautiful photos of glass blocks to inspire you, some people use decals, some printed graphic, and of course hand painting, hope this helps, come back and show us your finished blocks.
almost forgot to say you can use a extender with acrylics paints for a transparent look, gives the look of stained glass.

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I painted some glass blocks for a craft show a few years ago. You can use acrylic paint, if it is not enamel then you will need to use a clear acrylic sealer.


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Thanks for the tip of adding an extender to acrylic paint for use on glass blocks! I'm painting a set for my girlfriends and want them to look good!

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pezabelle glad that you stopped by and found what you were looking for, please come back and show us your finished painted blocks. We all love looking at everyone's projects and they seem to give us all us boost of creative energy.


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looking for painting on glass blocks! ????

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