Elmers Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue

bearbubbacowboyFebruary 4, 2009

I've read all the posting about glue. I just want to tell everyone I have been using Elmers Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue on all my inside mosaics for sometime now. It works as good or better than Weldbond (I think) but is waaaay cheaper, and dries faster. It dries clear and strong. Weldbond is not carried by anyone here and I had been ordering Weldbond. But was forced to try this when I was in the middle of something and my order had not arrived. Well it's now my #1 Glue. It cleans up with water so I

m sure it would not work for outdoors but for indoor items it's great! And no fumes and non-toxic!!! Just thought I'd pass this tid-bit along. Later, Cathy

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Elmers won't hold up outside due to its water soluability. I discovered this when I put a decoupaged chair on my porch. Even though the images were sealed they came off eventually. Just make sure you dont' use the elmers school glue. That probably won't hold up even indoors. Also watch your dates. Elmers does go bad eventually and when it does it is cloudy when dry.

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I too have use EM glue for a very long time .I do not use out side always use thinset .I let my glue thicken by leaving it open it is makes it easer to keep thing from sliding around .Aleens glue is good also they are both pva glue.

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Basic Elmers not only goes bad in the bottle, but it eventually yellows when dry. Unless they have dramatically changed their formula, it is not archival except that it is reversible. It yellows and goes crumbly.

I teach middle school art and have gradually worked at getting rid of the gallons of it that were in the room when I got there. I LOVE Sobo and Aleens, but they are rather expensive I know.

Weldbond in the big bottle isn't a bad deal. I get mine from Dick Blick, where I get pretty much everything.

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