Help Please, Painting a Mirror

phonegirlMarch 25, 2008

I need suggestions on where I should paint more flowers on this mirror or should I finish adding to the bottom and then add a ribbon and more daisies to the top. I've never painted on a mirror before and it isn't as easy as I thought it might be. I've also discovered it's not easy to take a picture of without a back ground. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Your mirror is very pretty. I thought you might like this website. She paints on mirrors and a lot of other things. Try I know, a very long web address. It was hard for me to type it out the first time I tried - Catherine Risi Rose Paintings.
Anyway, she paints beautiful roses but seems to use only a limited palette. I know Luvs will love this site.

I love the flowers painted on mirrors but have yet to do one. You have inspired me to at least try.

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Lovely so far! The great thing about painting on mirrors or glass is that if you don't like the pattern, a razor blade will take the paint off easily. Go ahead and experiment. It's only paint ;O)

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I like what your doing. I don't know if I'd even add any more flowers. Sometimes you can over do it. But give it a try. I guess you can always remove it. I've never painted on a mirror either so I'm not sure how permanent it is? Does it wash off when you clean the mirror? Do you use special paints? Gail

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Because of your design placement (sort of bottom center) and the size of the design I would add a small fine flowing ribbon or vine either around the entire outside edges of the mirror or add the same just to all 4 corners to pull it all together and bring some balance.
I believe in using the right paint for the right surface. I would recommend acrylic enamels for mirrors. Enamels are made to be permanent on surfaces such as glass and tile and on a mirror they would also be permanent.
Good luck on finishing your project and be sure to share a finished pic! :-)

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Wow! I love that site, she paints amazing roses! Thanks for sharing that with us PF.

Phonegirl, it looks like you have gotten lots of great suggestions here. What you've done so far looks really nice, be sure and remember to show us the finished piece, okay?


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I guess you could use paint that is not permanent that you could scrape off if you didn't like it to test it out and see if you want it other places. I think it's beautiful as is. :) ~Anj

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B, Thanks for the web site. She does a great job but her projects are fuller than my preference. With looking at that and the suggestions from Kraftymom I think I can move forward and see what happens. The pattern is only a 1/4" difference from side to side. It appeared more, apparently because of the pattern or way the photo was taken. Thanks, I'll show all of u the ending results.

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how do i trace an image on a mirror

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