An Easter project finished

luvstocraftMarch 25, 2010

Here's my latest project--it's getting mailed to a friend tomorrow, but wanted to share a pic with all of you first.


I'm also mailing her this set of blocks that were painted then decorated with scrapbook papers and other embellishments. I really loved how these turned out--so it's kinda hard for me to part with them! ;o( LOL I took good close up pictures, so maybe I'll get another set made for myself!


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Look at you go woman! I love the Easter scene painted on the carrot cutout! Genius! That's awesome. Love the butterflies. And your blocks look like you are a pro already! Great job!! ~Anj

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Wow, Luvs, this is great. I rarely paint for the holidays except for Christmas and sometimes Halloween. Your friend is going to love what you have done.

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Luvs.....Adorable! I love the little ducky and chicky and the heart in the top and Peter Cotton Tail is so carefree. You did GOOD girl! I don't recognize the style, is it yours?

So....putting on my "dunce" cap, is the background on your "spring" cloth, paper or painted. If it's the first two, are you using Deco Pougge (So I can't spell) Whatever way...they are special!


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Love both your projects, your friend will love them.

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Thanks everyone. I had fun working on both of these although I didn't like the pen I used for the outlining--need to buy some new Micron pens since they are more fine tipped. The design came from one of my books by Juliet Martin.

Belle, the blocks are painted then I used Mod Podge to glue scrapbooking paper on top and then Mod Podge or hot glue for the ribbons, flowers, buttons, etc. It is so much fun!

Kraftymom, are you still teaching classes? What types of items do you think are most popular right now? Did you see my post about the craft show I went to? Lots of just cutouts of bunnies or eggs and such just painted a solid color with glitter on top on a stake or hanger. A few had some type of wording on them like Easter or Spring. Not much of anything with lots of detail painting on them.

Bebe, I need more Spring/Easter decorations. I have lots of ceramic bunnies, but only a couple signs for my yard. I did do a metal pocket with a blue bird last year, and a little bunny sign for my side gate. As much as I love the soft pastel colors and the bunnies, chicks, eggs, etc. I really should paint more of them.

Thanks for looking.


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I don't teach classes anymore. Between my day job and painting stuff for my web site I wouldn't have time! I've been slacking in the 'need to paint' dept. lately and need to do some more. I am about to start 3 decorative bird houses, I figured they'd be a good selling item this time of year. As for what's popular right now? I couldn't say. Even though I keep up to date on current trends from my painting magazines I usually don't follow them, I paint what I want and stick to what I do best and it seems to serve me well.
This last week I was a happy camper because I sold 2 items on my site, one of them being the largest painted project I had to offer - a recycled woodscape framed mirror I found in the 'damaged' bin at a local craft store for a really good price. The mirror was broken so I removed it and turned it into a chalkboard. Here is a pic....

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What a neat project KM, isn't it fun to give new life to things? That's perfect for Spring with the butterflies.

I have some patterns earmarked that have bunnies in them. I'm not good at realistic painting, but think I'll try a couple and see how they come out. Even if I don't get them done before Easter, bunnies are always in season around my house! LOL

I've also got a couple of Patriotic items to get painted for a friend. I found the wood pieces and have the first basecoat on them, so might get to work on them some more today. I like having projects waiting in the wings for when I'm ready to work on them--the hardest part for me is just deciding what to paint and getting a surface ready.

Have you ever posted your site where you sell your projects?


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Wow, this is such a great surprise and I can see I'm late for the party. Better late than never. Luvs, I really like the carrot cutout with the cute characters you painted on it. Just darling.

Your blocks are so springy and you decorted them so well. I'll bet you are having a blast and so glad you decided to buy. I wanna come play!!!

KM, Good to hear from you and so happy for you with your sale. I reall like this neat chalkborard you created. Please post more pictures for us to enjoy when you have time.

Makes me wanna go paint and it's Friday night so that could happen. Thanks again you two for sharing your projects.


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Haven't been here for a while and was happily surprised to see your two projects. Love the chickies, and the cute little bunny with the heart on his foot. The blocks are sooo cute and spring like.

It is wounderfully amazing how you manage to come up with so many neat ideas for blocks for all occassions. DH and I had a discussion the other day about how much wood scraps we should save. Since he has been working on finishing the basement, we have what I though was waaaaay too many small pieces. After seeing your creative ways to use them, I will have to run out and rescue the pieces I insisted he put on the burn pile.


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Thanks, Punk, I know you love to find new things when you come here--just sorry I don't "produce" more often! LOL

CT, go get those wood pieces! I have seen so many neat designs painted on blocks--some with words like Boo or Joy, even some square ones with family pictures glued on them, some that are like three sizes and have a large Letter for the last name, then the rest of the name, then a block saying est. 19?? underneath. Just so many things you can do with them and they are pretty easy to store too. The ones I made for St. Pat's are even reversible with Lucky on one side and Irish on the other side. ;o)


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