wondering about one stroke.. style painting?

shar_paFebruary 20, 2003

I bought several books.. and a couple of Donna Dewberry's tapes and I get the gest of it.. I have practiced and practiced... so I get the basics... I am wondering though, When doing the cabbage roses. I get the first 5 petals down.. then the bud in place.. the set of petals. throw me off every time.. and the comma strokes part.. All seems to start out fine. but when you set them out.. Then go back to look at them, they sure look crowded..maybe more mottled.. almost like the last set of petals crowds too much.. Any of you more experienced folks have suggestions?

No classes offered anywhere close to me.. So if I have a chance of getting the idea at all it will have to be from just doing it..

thanks for any help you have..


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There is a OS Manuel that is on the internet at: http://www.onestroke.com/manual There is a lot of tips for more than roses. Without being able to see your roses it is hard to say what you are doing that is making you unhappy with them. But the second skirt starts at the same edge that your second stroke for the bud begins. Hope you understand that. Then when you do the comma strokes line your brush up with the edge of the rose bud, and Lean outward away from the bud, push, and come back to the chisel edge. Feel free to write me or to send me a picture and I will try to help. I am an OSCI and I do give classes but I am in Florida!
Hope I helped

Here is a link that might be useful: One stroke Manual

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Thank You Sherry
I have printed the instruction manuel.. Now I will do a bit of reading and then I will try again..
If I still can't get it.. I will snap a pic and email you...
Thanks Again,

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Personally I think there are many decorative painters much better than Donna Dewberry. I feel her roses are tight and contrived looking. Not soft and natural. One artist whose work I like, is Melinda Neist of Australia. You can find her books at places like Michaels or art supply stores. Her look is much more soft and believable. I am always surprised at the popularity of Donna Dewberry. Yes, her technique is simple, but quite frankly not that good. I guess you could learn the basics from her and hopefully improve from there. See if you can find a Melinda Neist book and you will see the obvious difference. She also uses a one stroke method, but it is much nicer. Good luck.


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You are right about One stroke, it is pretty in it's own way. But, to be honest the first time I was donna paint was on QVC and when she did that rose in 30 seconds flat, I said that is for me. I can chase my 3 year (at the time) who is hyperactive with AD/HD and still enjoy painting. I have since begun to learn other styles of painting and enjoy them too. But I always fall back on OS when In need something fast that is still just as pretty. And many OSCI have taken Donna's method and made their own and have sold many pattern packets with very soft roses. One stroke can be a good stepping stone to other things!

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I am also a OSCI in California. Donna's method may not be for everyone or everything but it is a great method for beautiful gifts. It is quick and looks good. I found her videos helped me along with the book. I seem to learn better visually so having her tape, pausing it while I try it etc. worked for me. Will be glad to help if you need critiquing and good luck. Hope you stay with it.

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I have been decorative painting for 5 years now, and finally took a One Stroke class with the encouragement of my very supportive girlfriend who loves all of my work, and I got sooooo frustrated!! I paint freehand, and I sell my creations and give them as gifts, I thought that because I was "experienced" I would pick up Donna Dewberry's method "LIKE THAT!" Wrong.....it's hard, and I believe that it takes a TON of practice to perfect. I am frustrated but I fugure the more I learn the more I can incorporate into my own painting style. Just thought I would share with everyone!:)

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