Help! Varnish is cloudy

colorcrazyFebruary 1, 2009

Hi, I hope you can provide some advice.

Finished my little step stool and then varnished it so I could take a pix. The varnish (Delta Ceramcoat) is cloudy. I thought it might be because it was old, so I brought more. Same thing. What am I doing wrong? Should it be thinned with water? Are you having better luck with a different brand? Thanks!

I've finished my Santa jumping jacks and don't want to mess them up with cloudy varnish.

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I have no experience with Delta's varnish, I have always used Rustoleum Diamond Varathane finishes that I buy by the quart at the Home Depot.
But it's been my experience that if a varnish stays cloudy longer than usual it's a humidity factor and may take longer to dry than expected.

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Colorcrazy....I believe Kraftymom is on the right track. Is your varnish a water base? My Delta varnish is and is ever so slightly milky when brushed on but dries clean. Be sure that you are not over stroking the varnish and picking up you paint. Also stir or shake your varnish and then let it the air bubbles settle before using. Other than that, water in your brush in a non water based varnish will look cloudy and probably won't dry properly.

Also be sure that your varnish and drying area is well heated, every type of varnish has a temperature range for use.

I spray most of my interior projects with Krylon acrylic sealer...they have several different finishes and I use a good quality outdoor sealer on project going out into the rain. I also re-finish outdoor projects every couple of years to keep them looking great.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks, Kraftymom and Belle

Yes, the varnish is water based. It seems way too thick and is not drying clear.

I will try the Krylon. Thanks again.

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If you applied it too thick, it will dry eventually. :-)

You should never shake your finishes before using them, just gently stir them.

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I've posted pix of the step stool. Funny, the pix don't really show how thick the varnish is, and it was just one coat.

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