Cost of tole project?

vanjamesFebruary 27, 2009

I'm just starting a tole painting project on a chair so any suggestions as to the approach by those more experienced than I are much appreciated.

I'd like to paint a set of roses and leaves along the back of a chair with some loving words. The pattern to be about one foot by five inches. Please let me know what I should budget for the paints, brushes, basecoat medium and other supplies. Also, the requesting family friend, who has the chair, would like to pay me a bit for my time and I don't know what to ask for! as they'd feel bad having me do all of this for free.

Appreciate any ideas and information. Thanks!


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Pricing is always a bear especially when it involves hand made crafts. Years ago they would say 3x the cost of materials and labor, but that isn't always a good measure.
I am about to start selling on-line and found a helpful chart.
You can adjust it anyway you see fit.

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