Mac Glue

katishookedFebruary 16, 2009

Have heard several talk about Mac glue. Read any posts for and against, most for re indoor, outdoor, weather related etc. Well finally ordered a bottle and sure am sorry I waited so long. As long as it holds up outside, this glue is for me. Use so little it's amazing it holds so well. WOW


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I totally agree Kathy! I just ordered 3 more bottles myself. I love it!

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be careful with that, I have come close to gluing my fingers together. Its surprising similar to crazy glue in some ways! lol

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.. I hope your weather is not too cold. Mac glue can not be frozen !!

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I just have to pipe up here...yes, be careful about freezing! I waited too long before I ordered and mine was frozen solid...useless....I am now completely out of it and I MISS it terribly! I am waiting for the weather to warm up and then will stock up on it!

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