Hey Calamity

october17February 25, 2012

Can you please please please post a picture of queeen nefferkitty? I just love her. I have an artist friend I want to show it to her.


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Hey! Sorry it has taken me so long...I was Hanging out in Mexico with Klinger and Slowmedown!!! WhooHoo! What fun!!! Anyhoo, I just looked thru my album and on pg 32 I found the $8 beginnings of Nefferkitty...

I shall endeavor to find the finished product....this was made to give to CozyCat, whose kitty was a diabetic and passed away. This is a concrete statue.

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Thank you so much! I just love her! I think about her a lot. What a wonderful friend you are to give her to someone.

This time I'm going to save it! (I hope)

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