how to organize tessarae?

concretenprimrosesFebruary 9, 2009

Ok, I just cool whip/ tumbled a batch of torquoise dish pieces last night. Now tonight I want to break and shake dark blue, then yellow etc. until I have the basics of what I need for my first project.

What have you found to be the best way to store the tessarae so that its accessible when you use it? I need to pick up most of the stuff in between work sessions. I tend to be a little messy and lose things, so any organizational help would be great! Tia.


(ps I was going to mosaic a frog, but have decided on a fish instead)

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Maybe we could help if you give us a pic,,,heh heh! I just use any old container or if it's small pcs I store them in mason jars, so I can see the colors...I even built some shelving in my art room that hold the jars(4inches deep).

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various containers depending on the amount/size of tesserai. I've used baggies (big or small), tupperware (like those individual serving size tupperware containers), or I've used those plastic jewelry compartment boxes from Michaels/Joannes

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margarine containers. peanut butter jars. tuperware, plastic baggies. shalow trays form microwave meals, etc, etc, etc

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I guess clear so you can see it is a good idea. I have Mason jars in the cellar, I'll have to poke around. Thanks.

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all clear jars, vases, bowls, saucers....

Becky .(*_*).

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Yep ,everything they said ;) I like clear glass, so I can see at a glance. I have everything from jelly jars to mason. I also look in the TS for pretty cut glass containers ( old sugar bowls or stuff like that)

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Oh if only I could store it that way.
Mine is in a pile in the garage, on shelves, floor!
Once the kids moved back home, I went back to the mess!
I do use the large peanut butter jars, back when we ate peanut butter! They have a large mouth and of course are clear.
I also use the gallon ice cream buckets.
I don't suggest piling them on the garage floor tho!

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I know what you mean about kids taking up space, tho luckily its just one in our case. Our foster dd moved back in right around the time that my mil died, and we ended up with not only all of her stuff but some furniture from my mil as well. I have stuff everywhere. The garage floor is taken up with bgarden supplies. Its hard to figure out where to keep mycraftss. Anywhere I canfind, lol.

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Here is what my craft room looked like before I actually moved in and worked in is so terrible to look at now I HAVE to go clean it up RIGHT NOW!!!lol!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Jane, your craft room, is the same size as two of my bedrooms, put side by side..
that's my knock out a wall, between the bedrooms, then put in windows, all along the end of the house I would have a nice eastern exposure room, for the mornings and decent light, throughout the rest of the day...
I think a couple of sky lights would do the trick, too...
luckily, if I can pin the oldest son down, he can do that kind of work.
tonight, he just took out the bathroom cabinet, with sink enclosed.
I will be putting in the sink my mom painted, a few years ago. I finally got it, this past weekend.

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