Anybody experienced with doing crackle finishes

gardeningfanFebruary 1, 2003

I have been trying to do a crackle finish on my bathroom cabinet. I have had a hard time getting the paint to stick to the crackle medium. I am on my second attempt. I stripped the first one. Used the wrong finish of paint but am still having trouble with the paint adhering to the crackle. I am using the Behr Crackle Medium. I have heard others mention glue. Has everyone experienced this or could it just be the product I am using?

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Hi; I have done quite a few pieces using the Valspar form of Crackle medium. Crackling really does take some practice. The trick, I think, is putting on that top coat of paint. I have found it helps if i let the base coat cure a few days, then apply the crackle, let that sit a day or so, then the base coat. When applying the base coat, I try to put alot of paint on my brush and only go over the crackle using one stroke......two at the most. The paint and crackle start working together immediately on contact so you don't want to overstroke. I found it helpful to first practice on some scrap would. I believe you can also thin out the crackle medium with water, but not positive on that, never tried it. I believe also there is a rule about "more crackle medium, bigger cracks; thin layer of medium, small cracks." Also, HGTV has a great faux finishing board. you could go there and do a search and see if you get any other info if you want other info on it. good luck!

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