Where to buy a plate rack??

happymary45July 11, 2008

Hi all. I am looking for a plate rack that holds at least 12 plates. the kind that hangs on the wall. I want something with a lot of utility, not necessarily decorative. In other words, if it's a bit clunky, that's ok. I know Ikea has one that is a drainer (stainless steel) and it's ok, but I'd like to know if anyone knows of any other place that carrys something like it. Online is fine. thanks for any help!


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Here is a search link for plate racks. Wasn't quite sure what you were after. When looking for something I usually use an image search. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Image Plate Racks

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Thanks! This is terrific. I'm embarrassed to say I don't know what an image search is...would you mind explaining?

thanks again!


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No big deal. This is where we learn stuff.

Go to Google. There are options for searches at the top. One of them is "Image". Click on Image and enter your search words. I use this most of the time unless searching for written info. It saves time figuring out if a standard search is what you are looking for.

Depending upon the search criteria, one new or different word will bring up different sites. Each photo will have the URL link, clicking on the photo will take you there. Do watch for .UK sites, great items but shipping would be a problem.

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In the movie The Namesake, which was mediocre at best, the parents had this awesome stainless steel plate rack that hung over the counter from the ceiling, kind of as a room divider. I totally loved that and wished I knew where to get that. When i lived in Italy the apartment I rented had a stainless steel one that hung over the sink that did double duty storing and drying.

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