How to clean unreachable windows

wantoretire_didJuly 1, 2010

We have two sets of windows upstairs. Casements on each side and stationary in the center. I can clean the center window, but can't reach either side casement to clean the entire window, short of hanging by a bungee cord!!! Do any of you have any suggestions of maybe a squeegie or sponge or something with a flexible arm that I can at least give it a good try?

Here's the pic of our house for sale which shows one of the sets of windows. Don't know why I can insert a link.....

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First on inserting the link. When you first start a post you need to go to preview and then the place to insert the link will show up. Then type your post.

I tried to look at your pictures. What a lovely house. Swoon............ Is it the windows upstairs center of the house?

I do not have any idea what you can do for that and hope you get a good answer because I have the top parts of the windows above the kitty kennel that also need to be washed and I can not reach them or move the kennel now with out huge effort.


Here is a link that might be useful: Windows link

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Shades - I didn't see a place to insert the link. Maybe 'cause I've been awake since 2:00 AM.....Love getting older..... Yes, its the upstairs window; one that you see (west) and one on the east side.

Swoon....... Been on the market for nearly 2 years. We listed 3 days before the crash. My odyssey is chronicled here somewhere (see awake since 2:00 AM). We want to downsize to a DW. Have done some fluffing up since we may very well be here for another year so figured we better (see also about DH heart surgery ordeal).

Since fluffing up, realtor wants to push to show improvements, so will have a realtors caravan (again) and an open house next week (Another one????). I want my life back!!!

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I don't know how well they work, but the magnetic window cleaners look pretty cool.

Here is a link that might be useful: UTube Magnetic Window Cleaner.

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graywings - Looks like they would work great, but I can't reach the outside of the windows. I need something with an arm that I can use without hanging out of the window LOL. I have to reach around the casement window (not easy).

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Hey, how about one of those back scrubbers on a rope?
Take a fairly big sponge and soak it with the cleaning solution. Wrap it in something like cheesecloth and have a long fabric handle at either end.

Holding on securely to ONE end, throw the rest over the top of the slightly open window, enough to get your arm in position. Grab the loose hanging tag end of the OTHER end of the cheesecloth.

Then what you do is seesaw it back and forth up and down the window. I'd think having the sponge nice and wet would make it work easier. Get the dirty part off, and then let the cleaner dry....or else do it again with clear water and let THAT dry.

Does that sound doable to you?
Wantto, I read about your dilemma when I first started coming to the Home Forum side of Gardenweb. When someone has a home as lovely as yours, it just doesn't seem right that it sits on the market so long.

Best of fortunes to you with the updates.

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Wanttoretire. You need to do a preview and then you should come up with the place to put the link Same when you are inserting a picture.

OK So you inspired m to go out and do what I could with the windows I could not reach. And that is about all I could do was give it a lick and a promice. I screwed my long handled ceiling duster handle to a window washer squeegie and got on my ladder and hung out as far as I could over the top of the kennel. I got one window pretty well but not great on the other.

So the side windows do not open enough to reach under them. If not I would go for a high pressure hose spray and call it good. When we did have the high ceiling. Joe found a window washer thing that fit onto a hose that was about fifteen foot long. He used it to get those high up windows from the outside and then I just put rags on it to get them from the inside.

Going to see about that magnetic washer it might work for me. I thank you for putting this post up because it got me off my butt to go out and wash the windows. Have three more to do and right now they are in full sun so waiting another hour when the sun goes down to do them but will do them tonight. I am on a roll. All the inside are done.

So sorry your house has not sold yet. It certainly is darling. We sold our house just two years ago right as the market crashed but we were already into the deal. So glad. We were just talking about it yesterday how close we were to the wire.


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check qvc website. I remember seeing a demo of a window cleaner used with a hose and you didn't have to dry it - it dried by itself streak free. so they said.

then again, might have been a tv commercial...

the link box is below the 'message' box. it says (to the left of it) 'optional link url' - then under that is another box that says 'name of the link' - you have to name your link something or it will register incorrect and won't post.

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Thank you all for suggestions. ML, sounds like yours will work. One window isn't accessible with a long pole, the other is too high up.

Chris - Glad I gave you a "get up and do it" nudge!

Just had the house power washed this week; windows are clean but have water spots. Seems like half of what we have done turns into another job to do LOL...... that's it, keep smiling :-) Don't let me get started.

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Just don't climb out

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Drying streak free can happen more often when you clean the windows while NO SUN is on them. You don't have a fighting chance with the sun heating up the glass.

It would be fine here for me to start window cleaning too. But when it rains and the outdoors gets steamy, the windows in the shade wind up fogged over by condensation. Although I set the a/c for 80, outdoors is so humid it just fogs up. I suppose I could then clean them without any chemicals at all.

And then I don't like to get in the bushes because it stirs up swarms of tiny little HUNGRY skeeters. During the daytime, they hide in the relative coolness and the shade of the shrubbery. I've been thinking about one of those CO2 gas bug machines, not really a zapper, but only skeeters.

Sorry. Who'd a thunk that a thread about window cleaning would raise a comment about mosquitos? The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Know anyone with an extension ladder & good knees?

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