I found a light fixture I want - but what light bulb?

desertstephJuly 2, 2012

I don't have a degree in light bulbs... if I were in charge of the bulbs I'd have a limit on kinds, types, sizes. maybe max at 20-30 combos.

There's more about bulbs than I want to know.

here's the fixture -

on the website it lists this for the bulb to be used -

60w G16 1/2 Cand F 120 volt

is the 'F' in that for frosted?

I searched and searched online at bulb sites - and amazon.

this is what I've come up with - see link for bulb page

is that the right bulb? (one of them anyway) - 4th from bottom, Satco - it says satin instead of frosted. It's a G16, I couldn't find any that said G16 1/2.

it just doesn't look like a bulb that would go in this fixture

Here is a link that might be useful: light bulb page

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Steph I found a G16 1/2 in 25 watt. But the bulb looks wonky??

When our small lava lamp burned out it had an odd bulb number. I thought it would be hard to find but it was easy just expensive. LOL

Where are you going to use this light fixture?

Here is a link that might be useful: G16

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It's for my bathroom. the angled ceiling. the lights swivel so one can be aimed at the tub area and one at the shower area. they are on opposite sides of the bathroom.

It's not easy to find one that takes normal bulbs (cough, cough) - incandescent. in a price range I can afford. The one similar to this is no longer available. This one is half the price of that one tho.

I do want to be sure bulbs are available and not real expensive before I order it.

I wonder if Philips has a bulb like that in other wattages? I'll search under 'Philips' and the description.

I found more g16.5s but not in 60w and nothing about cand F on them. 1.99 each.

This is too much just to find the bulbs for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: bulb

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Well there you go Steph. That looks fairly reasonable for bulbs. Great idea to have one light fixture light two places.

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i found some at HD online. they don't say if 120 or 130V tho.
i'll try to stop in locally this wk and see if they have 120V.

they're about 1.00 a bulb. I think 2.00 a bulb is too much! i'm cheap.

btw, I messed up on cost of the fixture. It's the same price as the prev one I was going to get (no longer available) but double the price of another 1 I found online last night - it's bulbs/globes didn't swivel tho.

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Steph, my bath fixture uses four of those bulbs. They give out a lot of light for putting on makeup. If one goes out I sometimes go weeks and weeks before replacing it. I only replace them about once every year or two. But I always keep my lights off unless I am in the bathroom.

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thx for the info idie! where do you buy them? I haven't been to HD yet to see if they carry them. It's good to know they will last a long time. It wouldn't be easy for me to get up there and change one. And I'm hoping they aren't too tight around the globe - that would cause problems for my fingers getting a grip on them.

The fixture won't be used much (if I can get the electrician to put it on a different switch from the over the sink fixture). I'll seldom need it but there's a bulb on the ceiling now (next to the skylight) and my tub (I also don't plan to use it except to soak my feet) is to one side of it and the shower to the other (on opposite sides of a 13' wide room). There is no light on the shower side. the over the sink lights are mostly blocked from the shower by the shower wall dividing them.

I doubt I'll ever take a shower after dark and need it - but you just never know. i could also go on a wild cleaning spree and need light for that (ok, that ain't happening!).

The skylight gives more than enough light for the whole room during the day (and a skinny frosted window). I figured if I'm getting a fixture for where the bulb 'lives' I might as well get one that covers those 2 less lit areas. At night I don't need more than the vanity lights. Will probably make do w/a night light.

here's the bulb - you can see part of the wall dividing the shower and the darker area to the right of it is the shower. It's fine during the day tho. the vanity lights showing are being replaced.

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