pezabelleFebruary 1, 2009

I need assistance in finding the colored pictures of and the instructions to these patterns. I believe they are from Dimensionals - but I don't know any other info nor have I been able to find this book.



Ps...please excuse the quality of the pictures and the tracings - bad picture taker and old tracings!

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Cute designs, Belle, but I'm of no help to you because I've not seen them before. Hope someone else can help.

Since you've got the design, why not just paint it any colors YOU choose? You're a good painter, you can do it! You might even look at a different design with colors you like and use those colors to complete these designs.


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Luvs...I am in the process of doing just what you suggested, my big problem is that I was painting these for a manager of a local store and she found the book for me and asked me to paint them...so here I am with the patterns and no book. She has told me not to worry about doing them, but I would really like to do them for her as she has donated a lot of nice items for many raffles I have held. Kind of a "Thank You"

I actually found the book listed on one site but it was "sold" half of their books are "sold"...anyway was just hoping someone here had a copy.


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I Again! I am still looking for this book...any help will greatly be appreciated!

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It seems like I have seen those bottom two somewhere, but it's not in my books. Wonder if it was online somewhere. I'll keep looking. ~Anj

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