"Tiny House Nation" program

schoolhouse_gwJuly 18, 2014

Anyone watching? What's your take on it? I think there have been two or three episodes so far. I was all excited about when I saw the previews for the series but not thrilled with how they scripted the show.

In other words, I'd much rather see a half hour of actual tiny house build then an hour of the owners' back stories and screen time. Yes, I suppose the producers want to show what kind of people want and live in tiny houses but it's tedious.And I mute most of the dialogue, as the host repeats himself endlessly. Must say I really don't care for him. Do you think these are real owner/buyers? Sometimes it seems staged.

So far I liked the second tiny house along the creek, but was worried about what happens when that creek floods?

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What station is this show on? Also, what area are you in?

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I forget what station it airs on. I Googled and found the web site but there were several different channels listed. I'm in Ohio. It's on Wednesday nights. Actually the last episode about the 220 sq.ft. house was not bad.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I watched an episode and it was neat to see how they fit function into such a tight space. It was also interesting to see how hard it is to get the people to be realistic about how much of their stuff they can keep in the place. I wonder, do these people keep a separate storage unit someplace else for the rest of their stuff?

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I really liked the 'idea' of the first house, the 'Dream castle'. The side entrance with a huge glass wall was great. BUT, they totally dropped the ball with the kids room and bathroom.

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Did you watch the latest episode? might have been Thurs.night. The couple had two very young children. I kept thinking to myself, do they realize those kids will grow up? I don't think they will be able or want to sleep in that loft or use the catwalk between their and the parents bedrooms. And talk about privacy? hmmmm. And the "tub"? Perhaps the family doesn't plan on living in this tiny house too long.
The rest of the house was beautiful tho.

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