My small house is getting even smaller

toomuchglassJuly 31, 2007

Hi Everyone ! I'm so glad to be in your company . I have a small house & it's getting smaller - my FIL moved in with us 2 years ago. Our living room now has become his bedroom .. and we crammed all our things in the dining room which is now our living room. The open walking space in here is about 6' by 4' .......UGH !!!! FIL is 91 , now we are having to make way for walkers ,etc ... I honestly feel like a sardine !! LOL There's 3 of us living here with 3 dogs .... Talk about the old lady & the shoe !!

Do you have many people in your small house ?

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How sweet are you to have your FIL living with you. Do you think if you moved him into the dining room and took back the living room you'd have more space? I wish you good things, no matter what!

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I wish I could do that Patti ! The way the house is constructed - it's easier for him to be in the living room ... it has a big archway that we could hang a curtain to seperate it from the rest of the house . I'll survive -- LOL -- sometimes I just need to vent ! ;)

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Hello there toomuchglass ~ Bless your heart for taking in your FIL and making it comfortable for him in your small home. Venting does help makes things more bearable at times. We are human afterall, with all of our quirks, etc. On down the road, you will be glad you took him into your home.


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You have a heart of gold to take in your FIL considering your space restrictions.

Just wondering if you are able to temporarily box up any "clutter" and put it either in the garage or outdoor shed? Clutter has an amazing way of making things "feel" like you are cramped, so temporarily ridding anything you don't absolutely NEED right now will help.

But vent away when you need to, and small lol @ 3 dogs....a fellow animal lover always has their heart in the right place.

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Loralee is right. Animal lovers do go beyond and may we all have your heart around us if/when we get to 90. It isn't the best of a situation for you and there must be many days when there is a need to not only vent but need some "space". I hope you have many friends to be around and can get out for breaks from all. As flowerlady said, you will remember this as a gift you gave beyond what many other's would do. And you deserve to vent.

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When I saw your post, my first thought was what a great small house idea--a subtraction!--and I wanted to see how you did it. Of course, it sounds like you just made a different kind of addition--on the inside (your FIL). Also a wonderful idea. Cheers!

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toomuchglass, you will never look back with regret on this time, I'm sure. We are facing the same situation, except it is both mil & fil who need to move in. We want to sell & find a house more suitable, but they may have to move in before we sell. I think decluttering and putting stuff in the attic or storage will make your life easier too. I have trouble functioning with clutter.

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